ITI Celebrates Its Landmark 40th Year

When Sandy Levin, President of ITI Manufacturing, first went to China in 1974, he was told “we don’t sell, Mr. Levin, you buy.” It wasn’t long before he found that the country excelled in producing quality goods at prices far lower than back in the United States.

drinks production plant in China
He traveled Asia during then President Nixon’s China Initiative and built lasting relationships, still in effect today. These relationships allowed Mr. Levin to set the ground work with factory owners, traders, and agents to perfect ITI’s full-service custom manufacturing for American, Canadian, and other customers from around the globe.

Thus, ITI Manufacturing was formed and was one of the first American companies to pave the way for reduced manufacturing costs in China. In the following years, ITI would refine manufacturing sourcing, navigate the barriers of language and culture, and go on to become one of the most trusted Asian manufacturing experts in the United States.

Today, ITI Manufacturing delivers goods of all shapes and sizes, and our clients regularly save 20 to 30 percent off goods not manufactured overseas. This is accomplished through excellent facilities, a seasoned staff, and decades of experience combining to make the most of the country.

ITI can create goods and components of all sizes and shapes from plastic, metal, and wood. We have even expanded our capabilities to goods like circuit boards and medical devices. A few projects include:

• Goods for home and garden
• Educational products
• Medical laser devices
• Wood vents
• Work platforms
• Toys
• And much more.

ITI manufacturing even lists highlights under our case studies page.

But rest assured, not everything happens in China. The headquarters is located in Houston, TX and ITI specialists can be contacted locally or internationally in ten Chinese locations as well as South Korea and Taiwan. ITI gives quotes for projects at no costs, inspects products to exacting standards, and offers a satisfaction guarantee.

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With ITI, you can achieve supply
chain predictability, visibility, and accountability.

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