4 Best Cities For Products Made In China

It is no secret that manufacturing is booming in China. Production of everything from teddy bears to the latest technology often comes with the label “made in China.” This merchandise is usually sold at a reduced rate due to lower cost to create. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the following four American cities where the “made in China” sticker is the most prominent:

1) Cupertino, CA

Many people have never heard of this city, which boasts only 50,000 residents. Why does this city gain notary as a place for tons of Chinese products? In one, instantly recognizable word: Apple. The major software and hardware manufacturer is based here and most of their goods come from, you guessed it, China.

2) New York, NY

While the big apple may be one of the closest to China in location (not counting Hawaiian cities), this city also bears a unique description for America. It contains the largest Chinese-American population of around 6% or 486,000 citizens – 9 times the entire population of Cupertino. This large amount of people draws natives and tourists alike to seek the comforts of this exotic and foreign land. This area also boasts high incomes, which draw consumers towards Chinese electronic goods, such as iPads and TVs.

3) San Francisco, CA

Trolley cars and ironic bridges are not the only thing to be seen in beautiful San Francisco. Not only is this city fairly close to Cupertino, CA, but it has the largest percentage of Chinese-American per capita. New York still contains more number wise, but around 21% of San Francisco is Chinese-American. This has led to an increased demand for Chinese products.

4) Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood may be a great place to find new and antique Chinese creations. While this city is not known for its percentage of Chinese-American citizens, nor for its made in China technology; it does host an interesting distinction. Some of the most popular and well-rated Chinese restaurants in the nation are located here.

When buying products labeled with “made in China,” the important thing is to look at the history and quality of the product. Some products have a reputation for being the highest quality, while others have a reputation for being exceedingly well priced. A number of Chinese knock off artists have even worked to make a living selling poorly constructed copies of the real thing. So ask yourself what that label really means. Was the product simply designed and made in China, or was it made to American standards?

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