Plan Your Global Shipments

Attempting to plan and optimize ocean freight shipments for the most efficient use of container space and weight can be difficult and time consuming, especially when there are multiple SKUs on the same shipment.

To help plan production and shipping, use ITI’s Free Cargo Load Calculator to determine and illustrate:

Track and store the calculations for each of your projects and shipments in our custom program’s dashboard, which also allows you to share the details and illustrations with your global freight company directly.

To get started, create an account for free and see how to efficiently load your shipping containers.

cargo loading

If you need more detailed help with production and shipment, schedule a consultation with our team. By working with us, we can help to handle the entire manufacturing process for you from global sourcing to delivery.

For over 50 years, ITI Manufacturing has been a trusted expert for global manufacturing and supply chain success. We provide unique, turnkey services in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other various countries. Our unique approach will ensure visibility, predictability, and accountability.

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