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Success Stories

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ITI Eliminates Supply Chain Uncertainty

Challenge: A U.S. consumer products company that designs and sells exhibition display solutions was having vendor issues that resulted in lead times being pushed out up to a year for their products. This put them in a bind as demand continued to grow, resulting in a growing strain on internal resources. They didn’t have the time or expertise needed to get their supply chain under control.

Solution: After meeting with the customer’s supply chain team and mapping out their logistical and vendor issues, ITI was able to develop a complete supply chain solution that brought the customer’s product lead times back within expectations. ITI pivoted resources to quickly source a new production factory partner, get samples produced and approved by all parties, and deliver their first order faster than expected. With all customers, ITI provides weekly updates every step of the way to keep communication and visibility at the forefront.

ITI Helps Customer Dual Source Manufacturing

Challenge: A Texas-based Class 2 medical supplies company was single-sourcing their products to an overseas manufacturer. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their supplier became unavailable due to lockdowns and halted manufacturing completely. At the same time, demand for their in-home medical products skyrocketed. Communications were already difficult pre-pandemic and just got worse with the lockdowns. They were in a major bind, with resources stretched thinner than ever. 

Solution: They turned to the ITI team who specializes in outsourced manufacturing solutions. ITI quickly provided a dual-source supply chain solution that not only helped the customer get their production back online, but it also allowed them to continue to grow with their booming demand. ITI manages factory and client communications, production, and logistics, allowing the client to free-up constrained resources and service their customers. ITI’s proactive and predictable weekly updates keep them informed allowing their supply chain team to focus on other initiatives.

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ITI Provides Visibility With Weekly Updates

Challenge:  A leading U.S. manufacturer and distributor of high-end LED products for commercial and retail use was frustrated with their lack of visibility within their manufacturing supply chain. Their biggest frustration was lack of consistency in communicating shipment delays. They were constantly chasing down vendors for answers to where their product was and/or why it was late and when it would show up. They were also sole-sourced on components that an overseas manufacturer decided to no longer produce, with no forewarning. They were scrambling for a solution.

Solution: The ITI team provided the client with a single-source of contact, coupled with a diverse pool of manufacturing options and locations. To get the customer out of their immediate dilemma, we retrieved their tooling from their old vendors and redistributed it to various factory-partners, allowing us to manage their componentry supply chain effectively and efficiently. Our on-site quality management team made sure the product was fabricated to customer requirements. With a dedicated ITI National Account Manager, the client receives weekly communication about the status of their ongoing orders, regardless of what factory it’s being fabricated in. Our dedicated team also provides clients with new product development support for product line introductions and extensions.

ITI Resolves Global Logistics Challenges

Challenge: A global leader in advanced surface preparation machinery and equipment experienced major demand shifts over a small period of time. As a result, they found their needs rapidly changing for metal castings and plastic injection molded components. In 2021 and the first half of 2022, massive port congestion resulted in global shipping delays, putting them in a challenging situation.

Solution: ITI took a deep dive into the logistics portion of their supply chain and found numerous opportunities to make improvements in efficiency. ITI custom-tailored a new manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing plan to match their rapidly changing requirements, while also providing weekly updates to keep them informed of the status of their orders. The result was an efficient global manufacturing supply chain that allowed the customer to gain market share in a rapidly changing business environment. The client quoted, “Without ITI handling the shipping of our parts, who knows where we would have been.”

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ITI Resolves Customer Issues

Challenge: A Florida-based industry leader in pet supply products was experiencing frustrating and time-consuming quality control issues with their overseas suppliers. Their resources were consumed with dealing with factories in different time zones along with navigating language and cultural barriers. Unsuccessful trips to Asia for factory visits and quality control meetings directly impacted their bottom line. The result was large amounts of product rework, production delays, and lost time.

Solution: ITI met with the customer and analyzed the situation before coming up with an agreed-upon game plan. ITI has been building factory relationships for almost 50 years and has on-site quality control experts to ensure manufacturing excellence. ITI’s single point of contact for the client, Jeff Smith, is one of our U.S. based National Account Managers. Jeff coordinates and communicates everything weekly for his customers from sourcing discussions with our Texas-based sourcing team, factory visits, sample approvals, communications with our on-site factory quality control managers, and shipping updates. With Jeff as their quarterback executing numerous releases of high-quality SKU’s, the customer made the decision to move all their tooling and manufacturing over to ITI. We provide immediate notification of issues, and guarantee the quality of work coming from our factory partners. The customer now receives a product that meets their quality expectations, and can focus on growing their business.

ITI Creates Alternative Sourcing Solutions

Challenge:  An American manufacturer of fluid power products was overwhelmed by disruptions to production as their factory was relocating from the Northeast U.S. to the South. Furthermore, their supply chain department was tasked with continuing operations during the significant move with minimal disruption to their client base.

Solution:  During their transition, they reached out to ITI to manufacture some important machined iron castings that they had trouble finding a manufacturing solution for themselves. The facility that ITI found to do the work had be able to tool up, produce approval samples, and run production quickly, all the while maintaining strict dimensional tolerances. Our team was able to deliver by having their parts quoted and in production before any disruptions occurred in their services to clients. The client stayed informed of our progress throughout the process allowing them to accurately meet customer demand.
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ITI Partners with Customer to Improve Product Design and Performance

 Challenge:  A Midwest manufacturer specializing in early childhood learning products reported a product failure in the field, initially attributing the failure to a missing weld. After ITI’s investigation and extensive testing, our team also found a significant shortcoming in the design. After notifying the customer, ITI developed a plan to resolve the issue themselves.

Solution: ITI worked with the factory and the customer to revise the design, update the drawings, and test the new solution. To overcome limited warehouse space for a rework effort, ITI also reworked the existing inventory at a 3rd-party facility by replacing the affected parts with redesigned parts and repackaging the product in the original packaging. ITI was able to complete the evaluation, design, testing, production, rework, and repackaging all in a few short months, while also using few of the customer’s limited existing resources.

ITI Helps Customers Mitigate Overseas Manufacturing Risk

Challenge:  An innovative U.S. manufacturer of centrifugal pumps was affected by foundry issues that developed in China during and after the pandemic due to governmental implementation of air quality restrictions. The issues resulted in product quality problems and production delays.
Solution:  By working with ITI, our sourcing staff determined that mitigating this ongoing risk likely meant sourcing the product line outside of China. We located a new, qualified factory in Vietnam and quickly obtained pricing, quoting, and approved samples. Now, the parts are in full-time production with an improved quality product solution, saving our client on inspection and rework time. Over time, ITI has been able to seamlessly transition the customer’s entire line of machined castings from China to Vietnam.
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