Our Global Manufacturing Process Drives Customer Value

ITI Manufacturing is a supply chain partner here to work for you.

ITI Goes Beyond the Product

For over 50 years, ITI has enabled hundreds of U.S. companies to succeed in global manufacturing by taking the risk and uncertainty out of the complex process.

Our expertise and experience allow us to offer each of our clients a unique, turnkey solution that aligns to their company and product goals. We know that every situation is unique, and our process accounts for that.

We understand that our customers value visibility into their manufacturing supply chains as well as straightforward accountability when things go wrong.  Each part of our proven process is built on visibility, predictability, and accountability.

Our Proven Process

ITI manages the entire global manufacturing process from factory sourcing to final shipment and delivery. Our unique approach results in a reliable process that focuses on supply chain visibility, predictability, and accountability through weekly updates of the status of your projects, orders, and shipments.



After defining and assessing your project, ITI’s global supply chain team reviews the details and matches your products with the best factory. We work primarily in the Americas, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other various countries. We report weekly on sourcing progress, so you stay informed, always.



ITI negotiates in local dialects with factory owners and key personnel to get competitive prices and delivery terms. We make pricing predictable with no surprise costs.



Production samples are provided for testing and inspection, before authorization for production. Customers review samples for functionality, design criteria, specifications, and compliance with domestic safety standards. We are accountable for ensuring that sampling leads to approval.



Once samples are approved, ITI monitors production to ensure timely delivery and establishes critical quality checkpoints to ensure products meet your exact specifications. Customers receive weekly updates on the status of their orders.



Inspection details and specifications are jointly developed by ITI and you. ITI then conducts in-process and final product inspections to ensure each product or component adheres to those specifications. If quality issues are discovered, we’re accountable. ITI works directly with the factory to resolve discrepancies.


Shipping and Delivery

Our domestic team manages the logistics and paperwork to deliver the goods to your chosen destination: FOB origin port, domestic Customs warehouse, your specified location, or any port around the world. Customers receive weekly updates on the status of their shipments to aid in production and inventory planning.

The ITI Difference: Visibility, Predictability, and Accountability

Why should you choose ITI? Our manufacturing services drive value for our customers where it counts:

Product Quality

Product inspectors are dedicated, full-time ITI employees that check every order multiple times according to the product’s unique specs.

Weekly Updates

We monitor the production of every order and provide weekly updates to our clients regarding the status of their project, order, and shipments. With ITI, you don’t have to guess and can proactively plan for production, inventory management, and shipment scheduling.

Issue Resolution

Our team immediately acknowledges and resolves any issues to our customer’s satisfaction. Over 99% of issues are acknowledged on the same day, and we follow up with you routinely while we resolve those issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

  • Samples
  • Engineering drawings, material specifications, and a bill of materials
  • Annual as well as per shipment quantities
  • Delivery location
  • Unique standards, certifications, regulations, or testing requirements
  • Packaging details

Having most or all of the above information will help us quickly move your project to the next step, sourcing the ideal manufacturing facility.

Do you handle shipping?

We can quote “FOB foreign port” for customers that have their own freight forwarding, landed at the nearest domestic Customs warehouse for customers who have their own bonded trucking services, or to a physical address. ITI ships to any foreign port around the world.

How do you protect intellectual property, and how do you make sure a factory doesn’t knock off my product?

We recommend our clients get their product patented and their trademark registered through a reputable IP attorney.

In addition, we have our factory partners sign non-disclosure agreements in their language and under their laws, protecting your IP. Keep in mind, the factories we do business with do not manufacture their own products, they only manufacture on an OEM basis. Their success depends on your success. On top of that, our in-country staff have vetted each and every one of the factories we do business with, many of them have been with us for decades.In our experience, trade shows and the copying of products that are listed on popular internet sales platforms are by far the most common ways products are copied.

Is there a “rule of thumb” minimum order size for global contract manufacturing?

No, each situation is unique to our customer’s needs and the product design details. One of the many examples of how ITI brings value to its customers, is being able to quickly identify the right manufacturing facility for the right product and expected demand so they can quickly get their product into their customer’s hands.

How long until my order is completed and delivered?

Each situation is unique to our customer’s needs and the product design and commercialization needs. One of the many examples of how ITI brings value to its customers, is being able to quickly identify the right manufacturing facility given the lead-time constraints and commercialization expectations our customer has.

Can I visit the source factory?

Absolutely! We take pride in our manufacturing locations and love to host customer visits. We have customers that visit factories on a regular basis and other customers that have been doing business with us for decades but have never stepped foot in our manufacturing facilities.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture in various countries globally. Most of our clients are sourcing products manufactured in The Americas, Vietnam, China, S. Korea, Taiwan, and India. Our U.S.-based account management and sourcing team works with the client’s needs and expectations to offer the right factory location for the job.

Wanting Visibility, Predictability and Accountability for your next global manufacturing project?

ITI makes it easy to get started.