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We’ve built our experience and expertise working with a wide variety of materials, products, and industries.

Visibility, Predictability, and Accountability for Finished Products and Component Parts

Success in global manufacturing starts with sourcing the right factory for your unique products.

When working with customers, our expert staff first reviews the details of your product: type, manufacturing process required, material specifications, quantities, packaging, and more. Then, we use a proven sourcing process to match your product with the right factory.

This effort is backed by our commitment of keeping customers informed throughout the process and holding ourselves accountable for any issues that arise.

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Our Product Expertise

ITI specializes in a variety of products, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Our Commitment to Product and Service Quality

Consistent product quality protects your reputation, lowers your total cost of ownership, and improves your competitive advantage.

Consistent service drives stronger relationships, increased reliability, and better communication.

ITI ensures quality through our dedicated, full-time staff that inspects every order multiple times according to the product’s unique specifications. Once a product passes final inspection, ITI keeps you informed on a weekly basis of the order’s delivery date until the shipment arrives. At all times, ITI will stay on top of and resolve any issues.

With ITI, you can have visibility, predictability, and accountability in your global supply chain.

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