Global Contract Manufacturing for Metal Products

We ensure your metal products are manufactured to your exact specifications and quality standards.

Supply Chain Solutions for Metal Products

Our global team at ITI can match your products with high-end manufacturers who can produce intricate metal fabrications and assemblies – down to the nuts and bolts. We can source factories who specialize in:

•  Die Casting
•  Sand Casting
•  Investment Casting
•  Forging
•  Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
•  Machining
•  Stamping

•  Tube Bending
• Wire Forming
•  Extrusion
•  Powder Coating
•  Laser Cutting & Etching
•  Welding
•  Plating Operations

Manufacturing machinery
Spray painted parts
Robotic arm at work
Metal pieces for manufacturing

Whether you need to manufacture a simple metal or complex alloy, ITI Manufacturing ensures that your products consistently meet your unique specifications and quality standards. Our team has extensive experience in wide range of parts and components, such as:

•  Pump Housings
•  Valve Bodies
•  Motors
•  Rotating Shafts
•  Tanks
•  Clamps
•  Hose Fittings
•  Filter Housings
•  Threaded Rods
•  Weldments

•  Extruded Profiles
•  Lighting Fixtures
•  Cable assemblies
•  Hinges
•  Mounting Brackets
•  Frame Assemblies
•  Trunnions
•  Weights
•  Wire Spools
•  Linkages

Metal products
Metal parts
Spools of copper wiring
Metal products by ITI Manufacturing

Start Manufacturing Your Metal Products with ITI

Between understanding what’s happening on a daily basis and keeping quality under control, it can be overwhelming to manage the global manufacturing of your metal products.

By partnering with ITI, we’ll handle everything for you by providing a unique, turnkey solution that offers visibility, predictability, and accountability for each of your projects.

Getting started with ITI is easy. Have a conversation with our experienced team today to discuss your project.

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Getting started with ITI is easy.
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