Global Contract Manufacturing for Plastic Products

We ensure your plastic products are manufactured to your exact specifications and quality standards.

Plastic Products Made to Your Specifications

ITI Manufacturing sources and delivers contract manufactured plastic products of all sizes, shapes, and materials. We work with high-end manufacturers that specialize in creating plastic components and products through a variety of processes such as:

• Injection Molding
• Overmolding
• Insert Molding
• Extrusions

• Injection Blow Molding
• Extrusion Blow Molding
• Rotational Molding
• Sonic Welding

Mold making is done in support of production, which can be as simple or complex as your company needs. Materials are also available for many domestic and imported plastic resin grades, from general purpose to engineered alloys, along with specialty plastics suitable for food contact, medical use, electrical use, and automotive use.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing experience in plastics such as:

• Consumer Products
• Electronic Enclosures
• Junction Boxes
• Threaded Fittings
• Connector Sleeves
• Brackets
• Sealing Products

• Kitchenware
• Home Decor
• Handles/grips
• Packaging
• Foam Products
• Tubing
• Bottles 

Start Producing Your Plastic Products with ITI

Juggling tooling lead times, sample approval status, and production schedules can make contract manufacturing of plastic parts on a global scale truly overwhelming. ITI is committed to matching your products with the right manufacturer, managing your supply chain, and providing visibility, predictability, and accountability of the entire process for you every day.

Getting started with ITI is easy. Have a conversation with our experienced team today to discuss your project.

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Getting started with ITI is easy.
Book a meeting with our team today to discuss your project.