Global Contract Manufacturing for Your Products and Components

We ensure your unique products are manufactured to your exact specifications and quality standards.

Supply Chain Solutions for Custom Products

Not all products fit neatly into a specific materials category like “metals” or “plastics”. Many products consist of complex assemblies or unusual materials and components, which require a range of product manufacturing disciplines and experience. Examples include:

• Light Assembly
• Retail Packaging
• Kitting
• Electronics
• Wood
• Ceramics
• Glassware

Custom Products
glass bottles
custom products
custom made products

Start Manufacturing Your Products with ITI

It can be overwhelming to manage and maintain accountability for your overseas contract manufacturing. It’s easy to lose oversight of the complex process and to keep quality under control.

By partnering with ITI, we’re committed to finding you the right high-end manufacturers that deliver quality custom products. Our proven process ensures that your supply chain incorporates visibility, predictability, and accountability on an ongoing basis.

Getting started with ITI is easy. Have a conversation with our experienced team today to discuss your project.

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Getting started with ITI is easy.
Book a meeting with our team today to discuss your project.