5 American Icons Made In China

If you are an American, chances are that you are familiar with the “made in China” label on many products. However, you may be surprised at common, everyday items that are as American as apple pie but manufactured in China.

1. American Flags

Americans fly Old Glory patriotically on Independence Day, Flag Day, and other national holidays. Soldiers also carry it into battle and veteran’s families proudly have it displayed on their loved ones caskets. Even though roughly 90% of flags are still made in the United States, there is still approximately 10% of them made in China. This prompted legislation in early 2014 to stop the use of foreign made American flags for military use.

2. Radio Flyer Wagons

Considered a status symbol for small children everywhere, the radio flyer brand has been an American staple for decades. In 2004, in an effort to save money due to rising production costs, Radio Flyer moved their production facilities overseas, and now the trademark red wagons are made in China.

3. Converse

Converse, the legendary maker of the Chuck Taylor All Star, was purchased by the Nike corporation in 2003. One ofhe first decisions that Nike made was to outsource production to Asia to avoid complete bankruptcy and reduce cost while continuing the American tradition. Now that tradition is made in China.

4. Barbie Dolls

Many of us remember growing up with Barbie and Ken dolls, with favorites including Malibu Barbie, the Dream House, and pink Corvette. Unknown to most people is that the Barbie dolls and accessories are manufactured in China. This is not a recent revelation as Barbie has been made in China since the 1960’s. The irony is that most Chinese children do not consider the dolls very iconic. It has only been in recent years that sales of the doll have caught on in the country.

5. Levi’s

Most of us have seen the labels on the back of a pair of Levi jeans that proudly proclaim them a San Francisco, CA original. These days, there is only style of Levi jeans that the company produces in the states. Otherwise, the production is centered overseas in China and Hong Kong. Levi is another example of iconic America that has gone the way of outsourcing due to economics.

Just because they have long been considered an American tradition, does not mean that iconic American products are made locally. In true American fashion, reducing manufacturing costs and consumer price has always been a goal, a result of which is having many of these products made in China.

And if you are interested in learning more about how products made in China can reduce your cost, contact us today to see how we can help with your next project.

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