The 5 Largest Cities In China For Overseas Manufacturing

China is still one of the most rapidly growing countries in the world, especially when it comes to overseas manufacturing, China reigns supreme as the largest supplier in the world. According to statistics, 6 out of the 10 major export ports in the world are located in China. Much of China’s manufacturing is located in 5 major Chinese metroplexes.

Today Shanghai is one of the most important economic, financial, trade, and shipping locales not only in China, but also gloablly This is due to its incredibly rapid development of industry over the past 25 years. Shanghai is responsible for the manufacturing of communication equipment, automobiles, electronics, steel products, petrochemicals, and biomedicine. Nearby in Ningbo and Hangzhou, linked to Shanghai by the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and overland high speed rail, heavy manufacturing of consumer and commercial goods takes place daily.

After Shanghai, is Shenzhen, which is known worldwide to be the electronics manufacturing hub of China and the world. Shenzhen is just the place for you if you want to establish an electronic business footprint in the world, with more than 10,000 electronic manufacturing factories.  

Next, is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known not only for having its own economic system, but also for its developing growth in textiles and garments, education, medical technology, as well as a myriad of other innovative technologies.

Fourth on the list is Qingdao.  Qingdao is both a manufacturing and a locational powerhouse.  It’s location as a harbor city on the Yellow Sea makes it a perfect city to not only manufacture in, but also their work in a wide range of industries, including Petrochemicals, construction materials, electronics, automotive, and others, makes Qingdao a capital of the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Rounding out the top 5 is the city of Ningbo. Ningbo, much like Qingdao, is another ideal city to manufacture in because it is also a port city.  Out of Ningbo, you can manufacture textiles, rubber, and automotive supplies; and thanks to their ever expanding production, you can also find factories that manufacture telecom equipment, IT devices and electrical machines.

Any of these Top 5 cities in China would be a great location for your company to set up shop in, so to speak.  Let ITI Manufacturing find the perfect spot for you to boost your overseas manufacturing.

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