5 MORE Things To Consider In China Manufacturing

Many companies new to China manufacturing are unaware of some of the details that must be addressed. They are often surprised at the need for constant monitoring, as well as the expertise and experience needed to manage the complexity and intricacy of the system that produces their products. Importing goods manufactured in China has the potential to be a very risky and expensive exercise.

Stories of companies that fail to understand the finer details of this system, feed the fears of lower quality products, late shipments, communication horror stories, and issues with shipping and payment policies. Below are five more details ITI Manufacturing’s experts are able to resolve, along with providing advance warning to reduce the issues and bring reliable solutions to help companies navigate through the China manufacturing process.

1. Risk of a Lower Standard of Quality

Business owners concerned about quality can rest assured that ITI Manufacturing works with the best China manufacturing facilities. With over 40 years of developing high quality business partnerships, we hold ourselves, and the factories we work with, to the highest standards. Our manufacturers deliver only top-quality products to fulfill exact company order specifications, within budget. When it comes to China manufacturing, ITI’s policy is to inspect before, during, and after production, to ensure that quality remains. It is important to match products, required specifications, and price ranges with the best factories tailored to the manufacturing processes the product requires. This is one way to ensure that quality is not compromised.

2. Production Delays

It’s a fact that production delays happen. It is becoming rarer as China manufacturing processes and expertise improves; however, it still sometimes happens. Some delays are unavoidable. Many, surprisingly, are 100% avoidable; and more often than not, that delay can be “made up” by a knowledgeable, on-site staff. There are many reasons delays happen, and just as many factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that they do not. ITI is diligent in using its long-time experience and knowledgeable expertise to help companies dot every “i” and cross every “t”, set realistic expectations, and also work with China manufacturing facilities to consistently confirm order specifications, dates, and schedules. Each project is monitored from the moment we first receive details and samples, to the time you take possession of, inspect, and approve the shipment. If delays are expected due to holiday celebrations, or when things just happen (inclement weather, production line breakdowns, etc.), ITI’s China staff works through the delay with the factory, keeping an eye on the shipment date, as well as a firm hand on the quality. Our client companies are always kept up-to-date and informed – no matter what the news is. We don’t like surprises either.

3. Unfamiliarity With Shipping Costs, Import Fees, and Insurance

Companies new to China manufacturing may not be familiar with all of the fees included in shipping products from one country to another. There are many confusing terms and acronyms. Misunderstandings and discrepancies can cause confusion and frustration. Some of the terminology almost seems to be misleading by design. ITI has been manufacturing products in Asia on behalf of its client companies for over 40 years. Therefore, we know what is involved, the fees that must be paid, the nomenclature, and also if the fees being charged are reasonable. ITI’s staff negotiates on behalf of our client companies from start to finish, because for us to succeed, you must succeed.

4. Unfamiliarity With Paperwork & Standards

Few things will delay a shipment faster than incorrect paperwork. The international shipping industry is one of the world leaders of paperwork. ITI has years of experience negotiating, completing, submitting, and monitoring all necessary paperwork associated with China manufacturing, and the successful transit of goods from Asia to the USA. Our years of experience have been put to the test many times, and we are well-able to resolve any issue that arises from start to finish. Our goal is to provide quality China manufacturing services, and complement those services with trouble shooting and complete project management that allows our client companies to focus on the important job of running and growing their business.

5. Unfamiliarity With Different Payment Policies

Some terms and payment policies are “standard”, and some, depending upon the factory and situation, may be negotiable. It’s good to know ITI’s China staff is knowledgeable about factory trends and has the experience to eliminate paying too much too soon. It’s also good to know that all required fees and payment policies will be discussed upfront, in detail, and will cover the complete process of manufacturing through and including the transit of the goods to its final destination.

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