Benefits of Offshore Manufacturing

If you have a product you need to manufacture, you owe it to yourself to look into all of your options. Offshore manufacturing is something that you may not know a lot about, and while it is not the best fit for everyone, there are some great benefits that you don’t want to overlook.  Learning more about manufacturing in China and other countries can help you determine what your best course of action may be.

Benefits of Manufacturing Offshore

While offshore manufacturing isn’t right for every business owner, there are some benefits that you simply do not want to overlook.  It’s important to understand that China has made manufacturing look easy and is easily considered the world’s leading manufacturer. So, when you manufacture offshore in China you know that you are working with a global expert in manufacturing.

But, why China?

Lower Manufacturing Costs

When you’re manufacturing a product, whether it is a one-time run or ongoing production is needed, you’ll find that the cost of manufacturing in China is significantly more affordable than manufacturing domestically.  Domestic manufacturers have higher overhead with personnel turnover and higher training costs.  These costs are of course passed down to you, the customer, so if you are looking at the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing in China, it is hard to ignore the savings you’ll receive when you look at the cost associated with both options.

More Affordable Labor

On the subject of cost, it is important to also consider the cost of labor and China can invariably beat domestic labor costs.  China provides access to factories that have labor costs that are a mere fraction of what they are domestically.  With wages being significantly lower in China, as a business owner, you can tap into those savings by manufacturing in China.  The affordable labor offerings are why some of the most well-known brands are manufacturing in China, even if it is not something appreciated by everyone.  Brands such as Nike, Gillette, Ray-Ban, Fischer Price, Mattel, and Converse have long been manufacturing in China because it allows them to keep their prices as competitive as possible, thanks in large part to affordable labor costs.


Greater Production Capacity

China is known as a manufacturing super-power because it can consistently produce goods, meeting global needs.  The Chinese manufacturing capabilities are much more sophisticated and well-working than many have even thought possible.  Most of the factories have been in business for decades, and in that time they have perfected their processes, making their approach time-tested and hard to improve upon.  Not only do they have access to raw goods and working relationships with those who have the goods, but they have also created a system that works with a plentiful workforce that you simply cannot compete with elsewhere in the world.  If you are looking for high output in as little time as possible while ensuring quality remains, manufacturing in China is likely ideal for you.

Market Expansion Opportunities

If you have considered expanding your product offering to other countries, if you’re manufacturing in China it may be a great time to consider selling your product there.  The country offers a vast population, and if you believe it is something that foreign consumers would be interested in, you may easily be able to move some of your efforts into selling locally instead of having all of your product shipped home.

ITI Manufacturing Can Help You Embrace Offshore Manufacturing

For more than 40 years, ITI Manufacturing has been helping business owners from all industries learn more about offshore manufacturing and how it can benefit their business.  While manufacturing in China and other countries may be an ideal solution, we also know it can create more work and uncertainty for you.  If you have been putting off making the change because you aren’t sure where to start, we can help!

ITI Manufacturing is proud to have a full China staff in addition to our domestic staff.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you never have to visit China to tour factories if you don’t want to. Rather, our skilled team will consider your product needs and choose the right factory for your product.  Our Chinese staff knows the factory owners, understands the culture, speaks the language, and will ensure that your product is carefully manufactured to your exact specs.  This ensures quality control, as well as copyright concerns, are never something you have to worry about.

Yet, we don’t stop there.  We will be as involved in the manufacturing and logistics process as you would like.  We can also ensure that shipping and delivery logistics are all handled so all you have to do is accept your product and run your business.

Are you ready to learn more about manufacturing in China and how it may benefit your business?  We would love the opportunity to talk with you.  We know that it can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a no-obligation consultation so we can discuss your needs in-depth and we can provide you with the insight you need to make an educated decision.  Don’t worry, this won’t be a high-pressure sales meeting, rather an opportunity for you to share your goals and gain knowledge about offshore manufacturing. 

We look forward to talking with you soon.

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