The Five Biggest And Busiest Export Ports In China Manufacturing

China manufacturing is on the rise, as evidenced by the fact that six of the ten largest export hubs in the world are located in China. Following is an overview of the five largest of these ports and what they each have to offer.

Shanghai Port

Shanghai Port is not only the largest and busiest port in China but also the busiest port in the world. It has both a deep sea port and a river port, handles nearly 30 million TEUs per year and plays an important role in not only exporting goods to foreign countries but also transporting items to cities in inland China.

Hong Kong Port

Hong Kong’s strategic location has made it an important port city over the centuries, so it is not surprising that it would, at present, be one of the largest and busiest port cities in China. The port is equipped to handle all types of vessels and processes and ships over 20 million containers per year. It is currently the largest container port operator in the world.

Shenzhen Port

Shenzhen port is one of the fastest growing port cities in China, thanks in large part to the fact that many of the factories that create export items are located in this city. Shenzhen Port is home to over three dozen shipping companies and has over 130 international container routes. It docks about 560 ships a month and, like Shanghai Port, serves not only the global community but also cities in inland China. Given the fact that Shenzhen Port is located close to Hong Kong and already competes with the Hong Kong port for customers, it is not unrealistic to see Shenzhen someday surpassing Hong Kong to become the second largest port in China.

Guangzhou Port

While Guangzhou is much larger than Shenzhen, its port cannot compare in size or traffic to Shenzhen Port. Even so, Guangzhou is a busy, bustling international shipping hub that processes well over ten million TEUs every year.

Ningbo Port

Ningbo Port, which is located in close proximity to Shanghai Port, processes 10.5 million shipping containers every year. It is, in fact, comprised of several small ports (Beilun Seaport, Zhenhai Estuary Port and old Ningbo Harbor) and is one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. It has a modern, multi-purpose deep water port, close to 200 berths for ships of all sizes and even a custom built terminal that can handle sixth generation container vessels.

As China manufacturing continues to grow in popularity, these and other important ports in China are certain to continue growing as well. While each of these unique port cities have their own advantages and disadvantages, they do have a couple points in common; that is, their location and modern infrastructure have served to make them the most popular export ports not only in China but also in the world. Each port has much to offer, enabling manufacturers to ships their goods to almost any part of the world quickly, easily and efficiently.

Here at ITI, we know all about the shipping process for China manufacturing. Give us a call if you have any questions on what ports your product may pass through.

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