China Manufacturing Isn’t as Scary as You Think

If you ask around you will find many US-based companies have “horror stories” about trying to do business in China.  They have experienced acceptable samples only to find the shipment was not the same as the sample.

  They have discovered – too late – that “equivalent” materials were used to manufacture their products causing operational or testing failure, joined parts that do not fit per specifications, threading out of specifications, paint containing lead (yes, even in the 21st century), or the incorrect PMS color, crooked or upside down logos or stickers, bar codes that do not scan, coatings that have been applied to thin or too thick, and missing or incorrect components.  You may have your own horror story.  Or, you may not have experienced any of the above.  The concerns are: How do you know what will happen?  What happens when that container arrives and there is an issue? How can you be sure your specifications or “running changes” are 100% understood and properly implemented?

China Manufacturing is great, when products are made correctly.  Some of the most complex and complicated products are “Made in China”.  We’re referring to commodity type items as well as custom-made items.  China manufacturing can produce exactly what you call out in your specifications; be it low quality, inexpensive items, or high quality, expensive items, and everything in between.  There are four steps to successful China manufacturing.  First, be able to accurately describe exactly what you want.  Second, verify; third, verify and fourth, verify.


Whether you’re experiencing challenges as a US manufacturer, or you’re altogether new to China manufacturing, imagine what it would be like if every shipment matched your approved sample.  Imagine you worked with a company that is perfectly experienced and postured to take your current product(s), match it with a factory that is perfectly suited to manufacture it, and manages all aspects of the manufacturing process; and then, delivering your goods right to your warehouse or to the China port, seamlessly interfacing with your customer’s freight forwarder AND offers a no manufacturing defects guarantee.

ITI Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience doing just that.  We manage the complete manufacturing process for US-based companies that want to manufacture their products in China. Despite the challenges your company has or will face, ITI will help you through the entire manufacturing process including sourcing, negotiations, sampling, production, and ensuring your quality standards are met consistently.

Taking the SCARE out of China Manufacturing

PROXIMITY:  Our goal is your success.  As a contract OEM manufacturer, we manufacture only for our customers.  We manufacture no products of our own.  Our success depends upon our customers’ success.  Our China staff members are not only native to China, they are manufacturing experts each with years of hands-on experience in manufacturing. They not only speak fluent Chinese, but are also fluent in business customs and etiquette.

CONNECTION:  Our dedicated, full-time China staff finds the best factory to manufacture our customers’ products.  We only source Chinese manufacturers that are reliable and have demonstrated an ability to perform the relevant manufacturing processes in a manner that will result in meeting our customers’ expectations.

QUALITY:  When using China manufacturing services, we assist with establishing firm product specifications and mock-ups before placing an order. These specs include details such as materials, approved components, colors, finishes, and dimensions. ITI has a knack for working with skilled and capable factories in China that meet the strictest requirements for quality and dependability.

SUCCESS: Most manufacturing companies know and understand the benefits and risks of manufacturing their products overseas.  However what may not be clear is how ITI Manufacturing guarantees quality.  You can put our expertise to work and reap the benefits of low cost China manufacturing, timely shipments, and wider selection of quality materials, custom production, larger facilities, and flexibility.

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