China Manufacturing Time Frames

The convenience and competitive pricing of China manufacturing is hard to beat.  It can, however, be difficult and time-consuming for business owners who do not speak or understand the Chinese language, business culture, or have experience in overseas networking.  That’s why it makes good sense to partner with a company like ITI Manufacturing that has already invested many years of time, energy, and considerable investment into establishing relationships with a wide variety of Chinese Manufacturers.

It’s important to realize that the China manufacturing process takes time.  What is a realistic time frame for receiving your outsourced product shipment from China?  Let’s look at the Chinese manufacturing process from start to finish….

Sourcing and Negotiations

One of the many benefits of working with an established outsourcing company, like ITI Manufacturing, is that it allows large and small businesses access to reliable overseas manufacturers.  Businesses can take advantage of ITI’s expertise and have their items quoted by not just any China factory, the right China factory.  This is the benefit of years of experience.  In addition, experienced outsourcing companies like ITI have the resources to negotiate on behalf of their clients in either Mandarin or the local Chinese dialect to get a quote reflecting the best price and most favorable circumstance.  This step takes, on average, about 3 weeks.

Quality and Production

Once a company chooses a China manufacturing facility and it accepts the quote, the next step is to receive any required tooling.  This process takes about 45 days.  The factory will then prepare samples and send them for review.  Product sampling allows American companies to test their products prior to placing an order.  This also helps them confirm product functionality, appropriate design characteristics, and compliance with US safety standards.

Therefore, this process can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending upon the speed with which the company reviews and approves the sample.  If the company approves the sample right away, the production process can begin immediately.  The company may require changes to the sample that require another sample for the factory to make and send.  The bottom line with this step is that the sample must be exactly what the company wants prior to its authorizing production.

Quality control can be difficult for businesses that source their products to China manufacturing.  Working with an experienced international contract manufacturer such as ITI makes this a much simpler process.  ITI manages in-processes along with post-production testing and inspection processes, ensuring that manufacturers finish the item to the customer’s specifications.  Fortunately, they highly customize this testing and inspection process for each project as no two are exactly alike.  The first-run production will take longer than reorders as unexpected details present themselves.  Also, the first production time frame is highly dependent upon the complexity of the item being manufactured.  Only after careful review will a factory commit to a production time frame.  Note this time frame may be subject to revision after the first sample is made.

Shipping the Final Product


Shipping logistics can be a difficult and complex process.  There are many options to consider.  China and US Customs also have their own set of rules and regulations that they must follow.  The paperwork and the interplay of the multiple entities involved can be a source of frustration and could result in delayed shipments.  The average transportation time from sailing date to receipt at a US Customs warehouse is 30 days.  West coast deliveries are, as you would expect, quicker, averaging 16 days.

Total Time Frame

Every item to be sourced is different, each factory is different, and each overall project has its differences.  The time frames given in this article are estimates. The best way to learn what the time frame will be for you to receive your first shipment is to talk with one of our experts.  ITI has the experience to determine the most cost and time-efficient shipping option for each shipment depending upon its unique characteristics, volume, packaging, and point of delivery.

American Guaranteed China Manufacturing

China manufacturing holds a promise of lower cost with consistent quality.  However, lower costs quickly lose their luster if the delivered product is not right.  ITI Manufacturing has the experience, expertise, and system in place to guarantee no manufacturing defects.  This is what is meant by “American Guaranteed China Manufacturing.  ITI Manufacturing makes it possible for companies of any size to confidently have their products manufactured in China.

Call 281-242-7030 now and speak with us about manufacturing your product in China.

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