China Manufacturing Trends for Female Leaders

China manufacturing organizations today are embracing the trends seen in other industrialized nations. For example, leadership roles are currently undertaken by an increasing number of female CEOs. Women’s roles throughout the Chinese culture have changed dramatically and continue to do so.

One of the questions many industry observers want answered is… ‘Will the trend continue; and if so, how will it affect China’s manufacturing sector?’

Developing a Historical Perspective

China’s culture has always valued women, but not always for the same reasons. Many things changed during the Mao Zedong era, as women were needed to bolster industrialization by encouraging women to “join in productive activity”. This paved the way for increased education opportunities for women, and to open the door for increasingly broader roles in business. The end of the 20th century saw women’s statistics in China rise closer than most other Third World nations to that of Europe and other richer nations.

United Nations’ figures showed that in China, women made up 39% of the workforce; 39% of the students in secondary education, and over 20% of the parliament – more than any other of the ten richest countries except for Germany. The number of women’s positions in both private and public sectors is still lower than their male counterparts; yet, the number of women in positions of leadership has seen positive and marked growth.

Today’s Business Realities

Industry statistics point out that women in China’s business sector now serve as CEOs or other high-ranking positions as frequently as in more established manufacturing nations and on par with the United States and Canada. While women still currently fill subordinate roles in manufacturing companies, the ranks of female leaders are growing faster than ever. Fueled by a growth in female-owned manufacturing businesses the gap between male and female leadership is shrinking.

That isn’t to say females are likely to surpass their male counterparts in the short term. However, the growth in female executives reinforces the point that China values its female leadership population more than ever before.  The likelihood of additional female leaders taking on important roles in China manufacturing is expected to continue.

The Role of ITI Manufacturing & Expanding Chinese Trade

ITI takes great pride in our ability to develop relationships with China’s top manufacturing companies including those with female leadership. We’ve been instrumental in pairing U.S. – based companies with manufacturers in China that deliver quality products at competitive prices. Those strategic relationships allow U.S. companies to reduce their on-shore overhead while increasing sales.

Because we’ve been working closely with China manufacturing companies since 1974 we’ve witnessed the evolution of manufacturing in that nation as well as in Taiwan and South Korea. ITI Manufacturing partners are problem-solving experts adept at resolving issues from product design to transportation and everything in between.  In fact, we have a long and distinguished track record. We’ve coordinated manufacturing for a wide variety of products for virtually every type of industry.

Furthermore, the products that we’ve helped companies manufacture sell in every major retail chain in the USA.  Delivered prices for our U.S. clients are inclusive of all related fees allowing U.S. companies to easily budget their supply costs.  This eliminates last-minute billing surprises. At the same time quality control efforts during all stages of production and shipping ensure the products received meet the expectations of our clients as well as the consumer.

Connecting with ITI

At ITI Manufacturing, we recognize the changes occurring in manufacturing both in the United States and abroad.  We welcome innovations initiated by female leaders.

If your organization is searching for a way to establish a relationship benefiting everyone in the distribution chain we can help.  We have been successfully helping American companies for over 40 years.  We can help your company be successful manufacturing off shore. Contact Us today.

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