Beginner’s Guide To Moving Manufacturing To China

Choosing to outsource your manufacturing is a huge decision for any company.  If you have started looking at outsourcing to China you may be struggling with the steps you should follow.  While this process is complicated and will be different for each business, in reality, there are a few basic steps that can help guide you in the right direction. Here’s a brief beginner’s guide on how to outsource to China manufacturing.

Decide Just What Is Being Outsourced

Considering offshore manufacturing does not automatically mean you must move all of your products.  Take time to evaluate the product or component that would most positively impact your company’s bottom line first.  Typically it will be a product or component that has a high labor percentage or possibly one that needs modifying or updating and you do not have the resources at the present time to invent in those resources.

No matter what you finally decide to move offshore be sure you detail exactly what you are expecting from the decision.  Write it down and be realistic.  That way, you can objectively measure progress and the attainment of that goal.  FYI:  Certain types of China manufacturing product categories are more popular than others. The top three import categories from China in 2017 were: electrical devices and components, machinery, and furniture.

Find Reliable China Manufacturing Companies

Once you know specifically what it is that you’re looking for you will be able to start looking at different China makers.  First evaluation of a factory is to be sure they understand your product, that they have demonstrable experience in working with the materials and manufacturing processes required, and that you get a good feeling of cooperation from your face to face meeting.  This process can be fairly intensive due to a large number of Chinese manufacturers available who claim to have the expertise you need.

Before looking for a factory you should be sure to have your product thoroughly defined.  Samples, drawings, material specifications, testing and inspection criteria, a clear description of what the product is, how it’s used, and the environment it will be used in.  Remember, you are the expert on this product and it is your responsibility to clearly communicate the details.  Give the factory the best chance to do a good job for you by providing as much detail as possible.

Choose the Stress-Free Way to Manufacture in China

If you’re struggling with how to outsource from China you are not alone. The process is typically difficult and very confusing especially if you attempt to do it yourself. The best way to minimize the time it takes to find the right factory, get a quote, produce the product, and receive your first shipment of guaranteed goods is to work with an experienced offshore manufacturing liaison.

ITI is an offshore manufacturing liaison that has been helping American companies manufacture in China and other countries since 1974.  We manage the entire process and guarantee no manufacturing defects.  Eliminate the hassle and frustration that comes with finding the offshore factory that BEST meets your needs. There’s so much to learn and know when it comes to achieving success via China manufacturing.  Put us to the test.  Call us today.   We can help you.

Call us to speak with one of our experts or to request a no-obligation quote. 281-242-7030

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