China’s Global Role in Ceramics Sector

China has long been the world’s leading manufacturer when it comes to ceramic production. Since the early 2000’s, China has enjoyed this role, producing well over 2,000 million square meters per year, if not more. Other ceramic products produced include pottery, stoneware, chinaware and porcelain. With a domestic demand that can see that all ceramics produced are put to use, China has continued to scale up production in an attempt to meet growing global demand as well.

China also has a diverse ceramic production line, covering nearly 100% of all types of products on the international market. Most production takes place in Foshan (part of Hong Kong). Other locations in which production of ceramics is concentrated include clyde Shanghai and Shandong.

It should go without saying that quality and workmanship will be noticeably different depending on which country these ceramics are manufactured and produced. While China has some of the lowest costs of manufacturing, this has not affected the quality of their product in the least bit. Global demand recognizes this and has thus increased continuously in the past decade, with China experiencing a near 20% growth in this industry throughout the second have of the first decade of the twenty-first century, with no signs of slowing down into the next decade.

U.S. demand for ceramics has been growing yearly at a rate of at least 5%, resulting in forecasts projecting demand to exceed $14 billion by the year 2015. With an output of over $25 billion dollars worth of ceramic products on an annual basis, China should be able to meet U.S. demand and the demand for ceramics in nearly every other country around the world. With the numbers China is currently outputting, there’s no question that they are capturing the lion’s share of the market and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

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