Custom Manufacturing in China

What is the difference between line “mass production” assembly line and “custom manufacturing” in China?  It can be argued the only difference is in the type and quantity of product being produced.  All manufacturing is essentially “custom” manufacturing.

  All products must be made to certain standards.  All products must go through initial design, development, refinement, prototyping, sampling, and then production.  Products that are “mass produced’ on an automated or semi-automated assembly line are typically those that are made by the hundreds of thousands or millions such as automobiles, circuit board assemblies, personal electronics, and home appliances.  The quantities and the type of product make the cost of setting up an automated or semi-automated assembly line the most economical method of manufacture.

Mass Production vs. Custom Manufacturing

The products manufactured in China by the millions on highly automated assembly lines are made in enormous factories. However, for a vast number of products that do not require hundreds of thousands or millions to be made a slightly different type of custom manufacturing is the most economical.  This production method blends hand-made quality with an assembly line process that is semi-automated or, in many instances, not automated at all.  This method of manufacturing has come to be known as custom manufacturing in China.  Though slower when compared to the more automated assembly line the “custom” assembly line is the preferred method of manufacture in China for a large number of products.  The good news about this type of manufacturing is that it allows for many thousands of different products to be custom manufactured at an attractive, competitive cost that otherwise would not be possible.

Questions Related to Custom Manufacturing

Many factories in China are very capable of manufacturing quality products on a consistent basis.  The ability of Chinese factories to produce quality products depends not only upon defined product specifications but also the watchful eye of an experienced management team.  Familiarity with Chinese business practices, customs, and the language are crucial.  Communication is everything not only initially but when there is a need to change something as relatively simple as a color, or a packaging modification, or if there is another question or problem.

Some considerations as to what to consider when choosing a Chinese factory are:

  • What are the laws and regulations that must be strictly adhered to?
  • What problems can be caused by differences in language and customs?
  • How can a strong partnership be built?
  • How can strict quality control be guaranteed?
  • What is the most cost-effective way to export the product to its intended market abroad?
  • What if the shipment does not match the approved sample?
  • How much deposit is reasonable for this particular product?
  • How do I get updates?  How can I verify the updates are accurate?
  • How can I get my product tested to my requirements?
  • How can I guarantee the correct materials were used to manufacture my product?
  • What is the real capacity of a particular factory?
  • Can a particular factory really make my product like they say they can?
  • Which province or industrial zone is best to find the expertise needed for the manufacturing processes necessary to produce my product?

These questions represent only a few of the many questions that must be answered prior to engaging a Chinese manufacturer and placing a deposit.

How to Custom Manufacture in China Worry-Free

Working through American-owned ITI Manufacturing, a full-service facilitator specializing in custom manufacturing in China, is the best way to enjoy the benefits while not having to worry about the details.  ITI Manufacturing is your expert.  ITI has helped guide hundreds of US companies through the maze of manufacturing in China.  ITI knows and guards against the issues that baffles and catches the lesser experienced by surprise.  After over 40 years of representing USA-based companies we understand every nuance of Chinese custom manufacturing from sourcing, through manufacturing, testing and inspection, to export.

ITI’s full-time China staff knows which industrial zone is best suited to manufacture your product in the most economical manner.  They manage the project from start to finish.  You can trust ITI Manufacturing to represent your company and handle issues as they come up just as it has done for other companies for over 40 years.

Contact us today.  Let ITI Manufacturing represent you in China.

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