In Demand Products Made in China

In demand products that are “Made in China” may be more widespread than you think.  The reason is many companies depend on China manufacturing for their name brand offerings.

  Several product segments are particularly suited to China manufacturing due to the existing and continuing development of technologies and expertise. Below we will highlight the top 3 products made by Chinese manufacturers.

Most Popular- Electronics & Technical Devices

Over the past few decades personal computers have gone from a luxury item to an everyday necessity. Lower prices have made them accessible literally everyone and the demand continues to increase. China produces more than 90% of the world’s total PCs. This translates to roughly 286 million units a year. China is also the world’s foremost producer of cell phones.  Over 70% of the cell phones used around the world are manufactured in China. That adds up to about 1.8 billion units annually. Lower labor rates are not the only reason China is able to produce this kind of volume.  China has something that most other countries, including the USA, does not have: the high numbers of skilled labor required to turn out the 1.8 billion cell phones and the 286 million computers.

Eco-friendly products are also made in China and their reduced prices help to hasten widespread adoption. Such products include about 80% of solar cells, or an equivalent or 21.8 million kW in annual capacity. Another noteworthy example is energy-saving lamps and light bulbs. Around 4.3 billion lamps are manufactured in Chinese factories to help the world decrease its energy consumption and lower monthly household bills. Large quantities of appliances such as air conditioners are also made in China.

Always in Demand- High Quality Plastic Products & Components

In addition to advanced technology China has become the leader in the production of heavy duty plastic products. These plastics are extremely tough which makes them suitable for use in vehicles, machinery, and equipment. Dashboards, automotive parts, helmets, and other accessories are often made with durable HDPE plastic. Plastics are also safe enough to be used for items around the house like appliances, children’s toys, and so on. China manufactured plastics are an excellent choice for protective outer shells to cover vital parts and components for machines and equipment as they are resistant to weather, corrosion, force impact, and other extreme conditions.

Consistently Popular- Clothing and Cut & Sewn Products

Much of the athletic wear and shoes we see on store shelves and in online catalogs come from China. Many the most popular brands are either exclusively or partially outsourced to China manufacturing. Design and development is often conducted in the USA with production taking place offshore. Clothing of all types are often cut and sewn in China before being sold in US shops by various apparel companies.

By having these popular, in demand items produced in China US companies can reduce their cost to manufacture their products.  Those savings can then be passed on to American consumers. In working with ITI Manufacturing, not only do USA-based companies gain the cost advantage of China manufacturing, they also enjoy American guaranteed quality meaning they are protected by ITI’s no manufacturing defects guarantee.  Customers also benefit from ITI’s over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing in Asia.


If your company is interested in learning more about having components or finished goods made in China, contact one of our experts today at (281) 242-7030 and learn how we can help you succeed in China manufacturing.

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