Different Products ITI Can Help With

ITI Manufacturing is experienced with and manufactures a variety of products using diverse materials and manufacturing processes.

Of course, product quality and adherence to your specifications is critical.  Our full-time, dedicated offshore staff not only ensures your products and components are sourced from the right maker, but that your shipments are protected against manufacturing defects.  We earn our customer’s trust with every shipment.  Not just the first or second, but year after year.   Listed below are some of the categories we work with.  We can successfully manufacture for you as well.

Vibratory Finishing or Tumbling Media

Vibratory media is the material used in with tumbling and vibratory machinery to polish or clean a mass of items using movement. This method is like the process by where water polishes rocks, only much faster.  Polishing and deburring metal components is the most common use for this media.  This technique is used around the world because it creates a beautifully polished look. We supply media direct from the manufacturer to our customers’ door.  We manage the complete supply chain and guarantee the media that arrives is the media that was ordered.  Our “no manufacturing defects” pledge applies equally to this media as it does to OEM, custom manufactured products and components.


ITI Metal Manufacturing

Products and components made of metal that require exacting manufacturing processes are one or our largest categories.  We take our responsibility seriously.  Items manufactured by ITI are made to our customer’s specifications, no compromise.  Examples of items we have manufactured on behalf of our customers are truck tailgate platforms, custom bike racks, hinges, air conditioning grills, rare earth magnets, pipe fittings, and dog kennels. See some of the examples on our Testimonials page of our website


ITI Plastic Manufacturing

Plastics is our second largest category.  Injection, rotational, and blow molding are the three most common processes.  Secondary processes are numerous to the point that “if it exists and can be defined, we can make it”.  Our knowledgeable, offshore staff is as experienced with plastics as they are with metal and ensure our customer’s products are manufactured exactly the way they are specified.  Examples of products we have (or are currently) manufacturing are child carriers, display faceplates, disposable razors, sleep cots, and hunting bow sights.  Many of the products we manufacture are a combination of metal and plastic.


ITI Wood Manufacturing

While the price of wood goes up, you want to Wood manufacturing has been a category we have been experts in for decades.  Some of the items we’ve produced include bentwood furniture, cutting boards, photo frames, wine racks, and highly customized and designed boxes.  Many species found in North America can also be found in China. Some must be shipped to China, milled, and the finished goods be imported back to the USA

Electronic Products

ITI Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is a specialized area.  With our Shenzhen office staffed by personnel with personal manufacturing experience working with Shenzhen electronics manufacturers, our team has sourced and managed diverse electronic projects.  Switches, electronic PCB assembly, populated PCB manufacturing, finished items such as non-invasive, medical lasers, electronic candles, and hospital alert systems.  Also, timers, motor controllers, air purifiers, and pizza ovens. Our local China staff is able to manage the production of electronic items quickly while ensuring quality and adherence to our customer’s documented testing routine.

Custom Products

Many of our customers rely on us for specialized, patented components and products.  Many of these items do not fit neatly within a single category.   With our proven process our team keeps production moving and eliminates the “unforced errors” that can plague offshore manufacturing projects

Medical Products

ITI can manufacture quality medical products

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has become a category with the spread of COVID-19 and the ensuring variants.  We have sourced masks, isolation gowns, and many other medically related equipment. We understand the FDA requirements and work only with qualified, registered factories.

Cut and Sewn

We are not a “fashion house”.  We do not produce fashion-related cut and sewn items.  However, non-fashion cut and sewn products are a category in which we have deep experience.  We’ve produced items such as industrial aprons, children’s bibs, and pet beds. Many of the retail products we produce also have a textile component.  Our assurance of no manufacturing defects apply to the cut and sewn products just as they do all of our categories

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the product.  First, timely communication in the form of weekly updates are an ITI standard.  That’s right, we update each of our customers each and every week as to the status of their project from the time we quote to the time our customer takes possession.  Second, when an issue arises, large or small, we intentionally and immediately acknowledge the issue work to resolve that issue as quickly as possible to our customer’s satisfaction.  Not our satisfaction, not the factory’s satisfaction, our customer’s satisfaction.  We are proud of our success as well as our customer’s success.  Each and every project receives the same attention to detail, our no manufacturing defects assurance, and our world-class communication and issue resolution commitment. 

If you have questions about how ITI Manufacturing can help you achieve your offshore manufacturing vision, reach out to us.

We’re only a telephone call or email away. 

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