Enjoy Strong Partnerships with China Manufacturers

How We Build & Maintain Solid Relationships with Overseas Manufacturers

Your company has placed several orders with a China manufacturer and you’re well on your way to building a healthy client/supplier relationship. However, you may wonder what you can do to build a long-term partnership. Many US buyers of Chinese goods struggle to get their products made at the quality level customers expect.

In this article, you’ll learn how manufacturing liaisons, like ITI Manufacturing, continue to build strong partnerships with overseas manufacturers.  And, because of our over 40 years’ experience, US companies that outsource their products can also share in those relationships. This ultimately means that your company has the opportunity to experience significant success with China manufacturing.

We Provide Professional On-Site Staff at Your China Factory

If you visit your chosen supplier in China we will be there with you. Our goal is to ensure that you know all the pertinent contact representatives from ITI as well as from the manufacturer. ITI’s China staff works on the factory grounds inspecting products and maintaining quality production. This is one way in which we guarantee your products are being manufactured to you unique and exacting specifications.

There is no need to worry about time differences.  ITI’s China staff keeps in contact with the factory and ITI’s Texas staff keeps in contact with you.  We maintain frequent contact with you to keep you well-informed of your production progress. ITI’s China staff being physically present in the factory helps keep the factory accountable and emphasizes a positive working environment. Our China staff has been successful at strengthening our as well as our client’s relations with top China manufacturers for over 4 decades

Understanding and Working Within the Chinese Culture

China manufacturers are typically very hospitable to guests from foreign countries.  This is a key part of China’s culture. However, when you do business with an overseas factory, it helps to understand their all-important business etiquette and how it relates to the overall culture. ITI Manufacturing’s China staff consists of Chinese Nationals for whom China culture is second nature. They understand not only the culture but how the culture manifests itself within the manufacturing environment.

As a result, your company gets to have its own personal, local, manufacturing consultant.  At ITI, we work on your company’s behalf, moving you through various business issues, adherence to policies, and legalities. We design our methods and processes in a way that best suits Chinese customs and for ensuring your success.

Develop Realistic Expectations When Negotiating With the Supplier

We share the need to negotiate the most competitive landed price possible.  However, we’ve learned over the years how to navigate through and negotiate with suppliers to generate the best agreeable outcomes. At ITI, we negotiate for you on the cost of the item and to minimize “add-on” charges whenever possible.

With our expertise and long-term relationships with China manufacturers US companies choosing to outsource soon realize the ins and outs of successful China manufacturing. When you set realistic expectations and timeframes, it’s vital to experiencing a successful outcome.

When your US company takes advantage of ITI’s strong partnerships and negotiating experience, it means one main thing. Our relationships allow US companies to not have to worry about getting “stuck” somewhere in a process they really don’t fully understand.  Another important fact is that when ITI Manufacturing is involved, China manufacturers will not substitute specified materials for cheaper, “equivalent” materials or components.

Trusting to work with ITI manufacturing assures you will be working with the right supplier with the right balance of quality and affordability.

  • We take pride in our ability to build and maintain strong professional relationships with Chinese suppliers. This, in turn, helps our clients feel secure in the knowledge they are working with the best China has to offer.

Speak with one of our experts today about your product manufacturing needs. We’re always ready to help. Call us toll-free at 281-242-7030, or check online to see if China manufacturing is right for you.

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