Why Every Product Must Be Tested For Safety

One of the great advantages of a free market is the endless number of options for both suppliers and consumers. This liberty allows businesses to decide whether they want to produce local products or turn to overseas manufacturing. Customers are free to choose between all kinds of brands and products. That’s why having plethora of options is a double edged sword. It applies to customers too, giving them the option to not only make or break a business but to sue an importer or manufacturer if they are dissatisfied with the product. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the reasons why product safety testing is crucial to your business.

Overseas Manufacturing

There are many advantages of moving the production side of your business abroad. You may be saving in terms of costs, increasing production rates and cutting production time in half. One disadvantage can be that other countries are not required to comply with US federal laws when it comes to manufacturing. While you can make an effort to see that your products are federal law compliant, it is possible for small oversights to make room for human error. Long distance makes this inevitable but testing products for safety solves the problem and removes your business from being held liable.

Compliance With Federal Laws

General-use products require safety testing even when made locally. This is enforced by the United Sates Consumer Product Safety Commission. It applies to manufacturers as well as importers.

Import Surveillance

For Importers, a special unit called the Office of Import Surveillance works alongside the US Customs and Border Protection to examine incoming shipments. To avoid having your products flagged and rendered unfit for sale, have a third party test them for safety and compliance with federal laws.

Children’s Safety

Children’s safety is something that requires even more vigilant monitoring. Products which are harmless in the hands of an adults are notorious for causing traumatic or even fatal accidents in the hands of a child. Small parts can cause choking. Sharp objects can inflict wounds. Paint or toys containing toxic substances even in trace amounts can cause illness.

Federal law requires importers to hire a third party to conduct tests on all products meant for children. The third party must certify a Children’s Product Certificate to ensure that the product complies with every safety rule applicable to children. An initial test is done, then a material test in case any changes are made to the product. Periodic testing is done up to once a year to ensure consistency in safety.

Customer Satisfaction

Aside from compliance with government rules, one thing that can destroy a business is negative reviews from customers. Because of the internet, a review by anyone anywhere can influence a large number of future sales for years to come. What you can do to minimize unsatisfied customers is to ensure the product is safe before it becomes available to the public. Third party testing also helps maintain consistence in quality through overseas manufacturing.

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