Freight Routing Options for Manufacturing in China


When manufacturing in China, the actual product manufacturing, testing, and inspecting is obviously important. One important aspect of the total picture that is often de-emphasized is how these finished products will be routed to their destinations…. reliably, on time, and at the lowest cost. The distance manufactured goods need to travel from China to the USA is literally half way around the world. Many established freight routing options are available when goods are being transported when you are manufacturing in China. The question is, based on the current situations throughout the entire proposed route, which routing and carrier is best? With the help of companies with deep experience in manufacturing in China, like ITI Manufacturing, your goods will be best routed using the options available that will satisfy the need of each shipment.

For each shipment timing is an important factor. Depending upon the situation, arrival timing of a container can outweigh the cost. Retail businesses rely on product being in their distribution system months prior to the products being on the shelf, and ready for consumer purchase. Industrial companies rely on shipments arriving within a particular window, to be able to service their customers in their mission-critical operations. It’s possible that conditions such as, weather disasters, and dock strikes, can make on-time delivery impossible. However, working with a company like ITI Manufacturing could be the critical difference in a container arriving on-time or with minimal delay vs. being stuck on a ship docked off the coast waiting for congestion to clear, a port strike to end, or the effects of a major weather system to resolve.

West Coast Delivery

Transporting goods from Shanghai to the West Coast is fairly straightforward. The ports in Vancouver, Oakland, and Los Angeles are able to accommodate large volumes. From there, things can be sent by rail to various points across the country. The infrastructure is solid. Businesses on the West Coast benefit from the proximity of China, the predictable journey across the Pacific Ocean, and the well-developed shipment route for high volume cargo.

One example of an option in regards to shipping into Canada is Prince Rupert Port, north of Vancouver in British Columbia. Late in 2015, and early 2016, there has been a noticeable increase in traffic at this port which is the deepest ice-free natural harbor in North America. And in the USA, depending upon the final destination of the container, routing through Tacoma, WA could be the fastest and, in some cases, least expensive alternative.

Midwest Delivery

Midwest delivery is typically best served with the container landing on the West Coast and loaded on rail going direct, non-stop to Chicago, IL. However, this well-developed route has seen some issues in the past.

East Cost Delivery

Deliveries bound for the East Cost of the United States typically choose an all-water route. Certain carriers and specific ships may travel across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, then north to southern USA ports such as Houston, Mobile, Atlanta, Miami, and Jacksonville. Others may, after passing through the Panama Canal, stop at ports farther north- up the Eastern US coastline, beginning with Miami, and then Savannah, Norfolk, and New York. Arrival dates and total transit times will be affected by the number of ports a particular ship visits. Which ship and line has the route that most benefits the customer at the time their products are ready to sail, is one of the factors that makes ITI Manufacturing a valuable partner when manufacturing in China.

As with all of the destinations we have discussed, carriers’ options are constantly changing, and the different seasons present their own challenges and surcharges. The bottom line is that when manufacturing in China, working with a company like ITI Manufacturing gives you the best of manufacturing, as well as shipping options. Working through ITI to source, manufacture, test, and inspect the product, and also to ship it, allows you a single point of contact for all answers regarding your products when manufacturing in China.

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