Gain Insight Into China Manufacturers With ITI Manufacturing

If your enterprise is missing out on market share due to large overhead costs related to assembly or machining operations, for example, China manufacturing may be a solution. If you are unfamiliar with how business is conducted in China, though, it can be extremely difficult to successfully arrange quality manufacturing on your own. ITI Manufacturing specializes in the sourcing, production, and quality assurance of finished goods and manufactured component parts of every size, shape, material, and manufacturing process all while providing competitive pricing for their customers.

ITI project teams are knowledgeable about all aspects of contract manufacturing with experience in serving customers in the medical, electronic, consumer goods, commercial products, and toy industries to name a few. Our global project teams consist of Chinese and American born engineering professionals who oversee the daily business dealings with China factories. Throughout negotiations and production, our team members can convey your designs, requests, issues, questions, and suggestions by speaking and conducting business in Mandarin and regional Chinese dialects face to face.

ITI performs product inspections at various stages of the production process. This ensures that the components and products satisfy the precise requirements defined by the customer. Stringent inspection standards are decided on collaboratively, so everyone is in agreement and knows what is expected. Samples from production are provided to American customers to check appearance, design features, functionality, adherence to American safety laws and chemical content.

In addition, ITI suggests the most cost effective shipping options based on the quantities needed by the customer. Customs clearance and import duties are also included. The majority of shipments arrive in the US within three months of sample approval.

With helpful insight and assistance from ITI Manufacturing, you will find it easier to expand your business by working with our team of specialists. Our vast experience and knowledge of China manufacturers means that customers are aligned with the most suitable factories for their purposes, and consequently, products are invariably good quality all while greatly reducing risk.

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