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In an article by, three-quarters of marketers fail to use behavioral data for online ad targeting. We can learn a great deal from this small piece of information, not only about the marketing industry but also about the manufacturing industry. It is common for companies to find something that works, stick with it, and maintain the status quo. It might work for some, but there is no growth; companies can become stagnant and even disappear. Do you remember Blockbuster? Everyone thought everything was fine and nobody would want movies mailed to them. What happened to them? They didn’t listen to what people were wanting and now there is a lone Blockbuster that is left.

A global market requires customer input to remain competitive. As part of our commitment to transparency, ITI Manufacturing conducted extensive research and spoke to clients to make sure that we continued to be in sync with the needs of the industry. What we learned reinforced our dedication to our customer-centered approach to business. The answers we received show that our customers put a high priority on quality customer service and weekly updates. ITI’s dedication to smart communication and conflict resolution, along with weekly updates to all of our clients, allows us to deliver excellent results to our clients, with the communication that they need to feel confident in the process.

Consistent quality and competitive pricing are a given

ITI Manufacturing is there for you for all your offshore manufacturing needs

Every advertisement will tell you the same thing, “our product is good” or “we have the best products.” It can be difficult to differentiate the best from the rest. We may think it’s the best because of its name brand. But that’s not the point. Those days are over. The desire for quality products is a given. The same thing would happen if you ate at a restaurant and thought, “I hope I don’t get sick.”.

What isn’t a given is how you get those products into the hands of your customers. Whether you manufacture overseas or at home, errors occur. No matter how attentive you may be. Customers and clients expect quality products. It is a given that people expect quality that won’t fail them. Elevation of service is not a given.  

Assume Nothing

We all know that there is an adage about “assuming.” Here at ITI Manufacturing, we don’t assume to know what our clients want. That’s why we go the extra mile to find out what our clients want. We surveyed our clients to find out what’s most important to them. Keeping our clients on the same page was important to us. Moreover, ITI Manufacturing learned that our clients want weekly, constant product updates more than anything else, more than price or time.  From start to finish, ITI will give you a weekly update so there won’t be any surprises when it came to their products or the delivery process. 

ITI Listened To Our Clients

Weekly follow-ups and Intentional resolution. 

ITI communicates constantly with you throughout the manufacturing process.  We send weekly emails to our customers to keep them informed about their products.  This ensures that our customers do not receive any surprises when they receive these emails.  Their product’s progress is clear and concise.  

ITI is on top of the problem if an issue exists throughout any of the processes.   We pass that information on to our customers.  This open communication allows our customers to be proactive instead of reactive. The last thing you want is to be left scrambling for an answer.

ITI is Your Driver

In the eyes of the average consumer, manufacturing is a simple process. A product is made, it is shipped, and the customer purchases it. There is much more to this process than that, and ITI understands it. Unless you follow every step carefully, you will be lost. Fortunately, ITI Manufacturing keeps track of everything. As a result, ITI remains the driving force throughout the entire process. We handle everything from finding your factory to managing our customer’s offshore supply chain, to communicating with them, and resolving issues when necessary. This is our responsibility, not our customers or the factories. As far as ITI is concerned, we own the issue.

Full Circle

We asked and our clients answered. ITI delivered the goods. Communicating and resolving issues is an integral part of our proven management process. From beginning to end, we manage and drive the project to the satisfaction of our customers.

ITI’s Proven Process consists of many more steps and details depending on the project’s unique nature, materials used, and required manufacturing processes. Many companies may have similar processes. ITI’s people and commitment to our clients make the difference. We are a 100% ESOP employee-owned company. We take our responsibility seriously.

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