Toys Made In China Are Safe!

Before outsourcing manufacturing to China, any business should think hard about the impact of this major shift in production. Domestic toy manufacturers, for example, have read about the various issues China has experienced with product safety in recent years. These include problems involving lead and other materials. Below, ITI Manufacturing discusses the issue in detail.

A Little History Behind the China Issue

Just twenty years ago, less than 40% of the toys purchased in the US were manufactured in China. Now, manufacturers in that country produce close to 90% of the children’s toys sold in the US. When accidents happen, it inevitably draws public attention to the growing economy and businesses which form its industrial base.

Companies wanting to see success in this global economy must pay close attention to how they produce and market their products. Public perception and opinion can shift worldwide in just a single news cycle.

As it turns out, the issue is much more complicated than the average news story lets on. Given the size of the toy manufacturing industry in China, it’s only natural that problems with these products could originate there. However, studies show that many of the problems from the last fifteen years actually originate with the designs. Before a single Chinese worker touched a tool or a component, there was something already wrong with the model.

Where Liaisons Come In

Businesses have not allowed their integrity to be questioned or their public support to erode under these criticisms. New companies have formed to function as facilitators for corporations that utilize the workforce in China.

These liaisons employ engineers from China and from countries like the US which receive the goods produced. These employees do more than maintain a bridge across the inevitable cultural and language barrier. They are familiar with every angle of this commerce. Also, they understand the distinctions between custom and contract manufacturing. They even know how to forge steel or generate medical products. Lastly, liaisons even help their clients to adapt to unique business realities in China.

Even more, liaisons assist in quality control which is key to manufacturing success for US companies. It ensures that when products, like toys, ship, they go through quality checks and meet U.S. safety requirements.

Partner with ITI Manufacturing

Standing out as a leader in this field is ITI Manufacturing. This manufacturing facilitator was founded by Sandy Levin, who was among the first to unravel the mysteries involved in importing Chinese products. This pioneering work has provided the company with strong and tested business relationships. With such longevity, the relationships that we’ve formed remain reliable again and again.

The facilitating teams in Houston and China are able to converse with factory management in both Mandarin and Cantonese. This ensures that no one misses any detail in any negotiation. They also work with their American clients to help them find the right overseas factory for their needs, be that toy manufacturing or the production of any company’s innovations. Their goal is to ensure that clients on each side of the Pacific minimize risks and enhance their opportunities for growth and profits.

Communication is the key to success in any business, especially one that is outsourcing manufacturing to China. ITI Manufacturing specializes in keeping open lines of communication that span the globe. This business is the perfect partner for any company that wants to achieve worldwide success and grow profits accordingly. Contact ITI Manufacturing today!

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