Is Your China Made Product Made Right?

Having China made products can be a profitable and business-building experience if factories make them correctly. If the project is error-prone, the results have the potential to be business-ending. China made products, especially done with the right kind of working relationship with a China manufacturer, helps US companies remain competitive within the ever-increasingly complex global marketplace.

The problem is that outsourcing work to Chinese manufacturers is not easy. Why? Well, first you’ll need to know the linguistics and have cultural knowledge. You’ll also want to have the experience of doing business consistently with Chinese factories for your specific product manufacturing.

So, how can your business ensure that your product is made properly every time? And how do you establish that great working relationship with the right China manufacturer? These aren’t easy tasks to accomplish if you’re new to China manufacturing. Nor is it easy if your company has ventured out as the Lone Ranger through trial and error.  Here are a few things to keep “top of mind”.

Don’t Work Alone

Many US companies believe they will save time and money working directly with China manufacturers. Unfortunately, very few of these companies have an in-depth understanding of Mandarin, much less the countless local dialects spoken across China. As such, they may not be able to accurately articulate product specifications and negotiate favorable terms. And even fewer companies will have a network of dedicated industry professionals who understand the cultural differences between Chinese and American business negotiation strategies. Some larger companies find it beneficial to hire professionals to handle the issues. But, small, mid-sized, and start-up businesses rarely have the resources to successfully network with Chinese businessmen. They’ll need this in order to create manufacturing solutions that allow them access to high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Partner with a Manufacturing Liaison

By far the easiest way to find a manufacturer abroad is to work with a manufacturing liaison. An experienced firm will understand the various nuances of the Chinese manufacturing culture. Experienced liaison companies will also keep dedicated experts on staff that speak Chinese as a first language. Hence, they’ll understand local rules and regulations, and have an established business manufacturing network. Liaison partners help their US clients ensure consistent product fabrication and accuracy through quality assurance and good business practices. Also, liaison companies ensure that China manufacturers adhere to national and international testing, inspection, transportation, as well as customs standards.

Choose the Right Liaison

If your company doesn’t have an established, smoothly running network of people specialized and experienced in China manufacturing, working with a manufacturing liaison is the only reasonable method for ensuring that your “Made in China” product is correct, and the manufacturing process runs smoothly and efficiently. The first step in choosing the right liaison is to do research and seek out successful companies with established, successful track records. Also, ensure they have experience in providing the kind of help your company needs in order to outsource your product(s).

It’s equally important to choose one that offers a guarantee on its services.  ITI Manufacturing is one such example of a full-service manufacturing liaison that has a full-time, dedicated staff in China managing projects across a wide variety of industries.  ITI manufacturing has the experience, established working relationships, and the networking capabilities required to ensure correct product manufacturing in China. We guarantee it.

Remember that Communication is KING

made-in-China-business-liaison Clear, consistent communication throughout the process is a paramount factor. China made success starts and ends with clear communication. It is common for Chinese manufacturers to suggest substitutions of components or materials as “equivalent”. This isn’t always a bad thing, but you must ensure these substitutions will benefit you in the form of enhancing the product and/or reducing your cost. There is no other reason to consider alternative materials. In fact, if the factory makes your product samples with substitute materials and components, they should always send them to you for testing and inspection. Moreover, they should send them before they begin mass manufacturing. Lastly, inspectors must test these samples thoroughly.

After the shipment arrives into the customers’ hands it’s too late. It’s important the manufacturing liaison has a representative on factory grounds in China clearly communicating between your company and the China manufacturer. Consequently, this can help you avoid these kinds of situations and issues in the first place. ITI’s professional China staff is committed to managing the entire offshore manufacturing process, including testing and material verification throughout the process. Fortunately, you’ll also receive consistent updates as to the status of your shipment.

Make One Wise Move

Hiring an experienced and professional manufacturing liaison is the best way to ensure that your product is made correctly. ITI Manufacturing has worked with a wide variety of US companies in most industries over our 44 years in business. When it comes to China-made products — from wood, metal, and medical devices, to innovative electronics, US companies know their products will be manufactured by top-quality, established China factories. Call to speak with one of our experts now. Learn about our quality assurance guarantees, gather all your information, and learn if China manufacturing is right for your company. Call 281-242-7030.

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