Made in China Denim Product Trends

Denim and other cut & sewn products made in China still offer a viable option, but come with important considerations, like substance regulations, material quality, and oversight of the development and production processes. We will discuss key facts and trends concerning having denim made in China, and how ITI Manufacturing can help American companies find the right Chinese suppliers for their particular cut and sewn products.

Foreign Textile Regulation Compliance and Substance Control

Textiles for clothing are tightly regulated in Australia, Europe, and the United States. Applicable safety standards such as FHSA (in the US) and REACH (in Europe) regulate substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde. Although most cut and sew factories in China are aware that regulations exist, most leave it up to their customers to define the details of compliance. One key factor in being in compliance is being absolutely sure the material being produced and delivered to the cut and sew factory is in compliance. Professional inspection and compliance help from an experienced outsource manufacturing liaison like ITI, ensures Chinese factories and their material suppliers adhere to the defined requirements of their American customers.

label on the composition of jeans

Denim Labeling Requirements

Textile and clothing regulations are not limited to substances. These regulations have a major impact on packaging and product labeling as well. It is the client company’s job to design textile labeling that complies with US regulations, but suppliers must be able and willing to provide accurate detail regarding the denim’s washing instructions and fiber content.

Fabric Quality

While a supplier may have clean facilities, modern machinery, and strict quality controls, clients are sometimes disappointed in the samples they receive. Before starting the manufacturing process, clients must have their denim specifications clearly defined. ITI Manufacturing has the experience and knowledge of China manufacturing to ensure US companies find made in China suppliers that make denim that matches their quality requirements.

Compliance Testing

Although previous compliance is an important qualification requirement when choosing a Chinese denim supplier, it does not guarantee future compliance. Clothing manufacturers buy textiles from subcontractors on an order by order basis. These makers do not typically keep denim in stock. Fabric samples provided during testing may be unavailable by the time a client places an order. Even if the denim used in mass production looks the same, it may contain different chemicals or be from a different supplier. US companies working through ITI Manufacturing can be sure the denim used in each order is in compliance. We guarantee it.

Quality Control

Manufacturing is as much an art as it is a science. When manufacturing in China, quality issues of varying degrees will occur. Anyone that says differently has not been manufacturing in China for very long! While these problems cannot be fully eliminated, they can be managed. Our experienced China staff ensures clothing meets your company’s quality requirements before it’s shipped.

ITI Manufacturing Makes it Easy

It can be challenging to take clothing from concept drawing to finished garment. However, with our help, US-based companies can effectively manage the complete process. Visit the made in China cut & sewn products page of our website for more information, or connect with our liaison experts today at 281-242-7030.

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