Managing Overseas Manufacturing and Logistics

US companies turning to overseas manufacturing is still a proven way to cut costs and become more competitive. This remains relevant in most cases, even with the US tariff increases on imported China goods notwithstanding. With wages and other expenses in highly developed countries still high by comparison, China manufacturing specialists have plenty to offer US businesses. If you’re looking for a few surefire ways to manage overseas manufacturing and still see success, keep reading.

  1. Don’t Go It Alone

Even in 2018, 40+ years after President Nixon’s “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, there are still many US-based companies and start-ups diving into overseas manufacturing opportunities blindly or haphazardly. Could it be they’re not aware of the professional support that is available to them? Or, perhaps they’ve convinced themselves of being able to handle the process alone? Either way, the rate of success for companies manufacturing in China without proper support is extremely LOW. Many, through their trial and error experience, faced multiple roadblocks and challenges in the process. In the end, going it alone could well equate to a loss of time, money, peace of mind, and customers!

Fortunately, manufacturing liaison companies like ITI Manufacturing specialize in navigating through the complete manufacturing process. This includes coordinating international logistics, while also guaranteeing no manufacturing defects in every shipment. Because we help drive the process on your behalf, our proven negotiations and manufacturing processes allow us to effectively meet your production needs. We manage your “Made in China” product through the entire process, start to finish.

  1. Beware of Seemingly Simple Switches That Inevitably Conceal Major Complexities

Manufacturers in China, as well as other low-cost production countries, have become quite savvy over the years. The type of manufacturer you seek may convince your company of product manufacturing capabilities that may not always mirror your expectations. It’s important to ensure that your overseas manufacturing partner is the right fit. When it comes to your unique product and its unique list of components and specifications, you need the “best” fit.

Major differences in business culture, language, and customs between US companies and China manufacturers still exist. Without a liaison to help contend with clear and concise communication, paperwork, contracts, and setting clear and specific expectations, your company could experience a wide range of issues that “shouldn’t happen”…but often do.

  1. Partner With an Overseas Manufacturing Expert That Completely Covers Your Product

To partner with a US-based China manufacturing expert with 44 years’ experience in offshore manufacturing means partnering with ITI. Connect with one of our China manufacturing experts at (281) 242-7030, or contact ITI online for quotes and information.  Evaluation services and quoting your product landed at the destination of your choice are offered at no charge for qualifying products.

When you work with ITI, you can rest assured that your product is completely covered. We perform the following processes:

  • We thoroughly evaluate and learn about your product
  • Find the right factory for your production needs
  • Set up production schedules
  • Perform testing and inspections
  • Manage the packaging
  • Handle all your international logistics

We do all of this while also continuing to communicate clearly and frequently with you to keep you informed. Your main responsibilities are simply submitting POs and growing your business.

Look to ITI Manufacturing for your overseas manufacturing production needs with virtually any type of hard good.  We ensure your products are complete, packaged, and ready for retail, whether they’re industrial products or components.

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