Your Manufacturer Can’t Keep Up? ITI Can Help

Struggling to keep up with growing demand is a problem a lot of companies would like to have. However, if you are struggling with this situation it’s difficult to put a positive spin on it.

Off shore manufacturing may be the answer to your problem. Why? Manufacturing capacity in China is virtually unlimited. One of ITI’s selection criteria is finding a reliable, “right sized” factory for current as well as future production needs. This methodology is successful a majority of the time. However, a different solution is needed when production capacity outstrips a particular factory’s throughput capability.

When this situation presents itself, finding a second factory to successfully manufacture a particular item is only part of the equation. Our clients can rely on ITI’s China staff’s knowledge, experience, and familiarity with hundreds of reliable factories. They can also rely on our China staff’s deep knowledge and experience in working with the complexities of how factories must work together under the Chinese business system. Factories must be compatible from a business as well as a geographical standpoint. The ability to consolidate product from multiple factories can be a definite benefit.

Exceeding a particular factory’s manufacturing throughput is one reason to engage more than one factory for a particular project. Another reason some of our clients want or need multiple factories is redundancy. Clients who want to ensure uninterrupted supply even in the most extreme weather or health related circumstances rely on ITI to coordinate production in multiple locations.

ITI Manufacturing has been doing business in Asia since the 70’s. We are well known throughout the different industrial zones. We thoroughly understand and are deeply integrated into China’s manufacturing culture making us the right choice for companies that want to concentrate on building their business rather than the details and complexities of manufacturing off shore.

The ability to find and coordinate multiple factories is just one of the reasons why companies choose to work with ITI Manufacturing when deciding to move production off shore.

If your manufacturer isn’t keeping up with demands, contact ITI today and we’ll help get you back on track.

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