Outsourcing Manufacturing to China: Making Good Business Sense for Many

About 75 miles north-northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River in southern China, lies the city of Guangzhou.  Also known as Canton, it is China’s third-largest city and serves as a vital trading port.  Since 1957, this essential transportation hub has also been home to China’s largest trade show, the Canton Fair.

Officially named the China Import and Export Fair, the massive Canton Fair regularly hosts over 50,000 exhibitor booths and more than 165,000 visitors from around the world. The trade fair showcases nearly every product category imaginable; from power and electrical equipment, to medical materials, agricultural tools, pet accessories, gifts, and even gardening equipment, just to name a few.

It features such a huge assortment of companies, products, services, and audience attendees that it has to be organized into three separate five-day phases, the first of which runs in spring from mid-April into May.  

The Fair is so popular and diverse that an autumn session (of equal importance and intensity) is also held annually to meet demands of the many suppliers and manufacturers.  

In the upcoming 117th Canton Fair, not only will valuable relationships be established during the comprehensive annual event, but many business deals will be made that will benefit the participants and their representatives.  Over 300 companies take part in each session of the Canton Fair, and ITI Manufacturing will be there to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs and new technologies.

Now more than ever, expanding business trade overseas makes more sense than ever before.  Outsourcing your company’s manufacturing efforts to China is a safe and fiscally sound decision when assisted by a prudent partner such as ITI Manufacturing.  Not only does it ensure savings with quality and reliability throughout the process, but doing business overseas with us can also benefit you in both directions.

China manufacturing

Many of the Fair’s exhibitors already provide a great number of U.S. companies with various production and manufacturing capabilities. Likewise, these same exhibitors in turn utilize their American counterparts’ products and services as well.  So when you do business with people at the Canton Fair, you often bring home a lot of business, too.

As one Chinese business owner said, “When I first started this company to supply back-end office services to American firms, I drove a Chinese car, banked with the Bank of China, and drank a Chinese soft drink. Today, I drink Arizona Tea, bank with Citibank, and I drive a Ford.”

According to a world census, the middle-class population will double in Asia and in other parts of the developing world by 2025. This means that in the next 10 years, there will be one billion middle-class consumers in the developing world…and we want them buying our clients’ products! 

 If your company would like more information on the Canton Fair, or on China’s abundant resources and high quality benefits that their China manufacturing can provide, please do not hesitate to contact uswe know the world … and we speak a global language!

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