5 Ways that ITI Manufacturing Can Help You With Overseas Manufacturing

Global manufacturing has changed the world. Current post-COVID delays and shipping price increases notwithstanding, businesses worldwide benefit from global trade infrastructure that helps them create new products to their exact specifications at prices their customers find attractive. If your company has been involved in international manufacturing for any amount of time, you are already well aware of its many benefits as well as the many difficulties that come with managing overseas manufacturing. 

ITI Manufacturing manages the total offshore supply chain on behalf of our customers. Companies that are not getting the cooperation, quality, or customer service and support they need can benefit by working with ITI.  We have more than 45 years of experience manufacturing in Asia. Our dedicated, full-time Chinese staff has one goal: To ensure our customers’ products are made right. Our USA-based staff has one goal: To provide excellent customer service and support. Long-time customers tell us the combination of excellent customer service and support and high-quality products are a winning combination.

We also protect our customers from overseas manufacturing defects. If it’s not right, we do what it takes to make it right. This has been a pillar of our company since its founding in 1974. The current (and hopefully temporary) COVID-induced global supply chain is more than enough to deal with. We believe there is no reason our customers should also have to deal with unforced errors and sub-standard products caused by poor communication and sub-standard customer service.

Onsite Offshore Management

ITI Manufacturing prides itself on excellent customer and support. Regular, consistent, and factual communication is the bedrock of excellent customer service. There is only one way to know for sure what is actually happening with an order; have trusted personnel in the factory.

ITI Manufacturing stations staff in the factory.   staff is experienced in dealing with factory owners and management. They know what needs to happen, and when, for your products to be manufactured correctly and on schedule.  When an issue arises that impacts quality or delivery, we communicate that as well as what we are doing about it immediately. Furthermore, we communicate the status of your order every week. No one in your company will ever have to chase us or guess what is happening with an order in process or a shipment in transit.

Working with ITI Manufacturing is like having your staff at the factory checking status and reporting back to you.  When your company works with ITI Manufacturing, you enjoy clear, consistent communication across time zones and beyond language barriers. 

Time and Language Barrier-Free Communication

Our team is spread across the globe to provide clear, quick communication to factory personnel.  Our USA-based team maintains regular office hours in the Central Time Zone of the United States. If there is ever a concern, change, or question, we are available every work day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

No need to speak another language. No need to guess at what is culturally correct. We manage that. All translations are performed in-house to ensure clear, accurate communication. Our experienced team will facilitate clear communication between your company and the factory.  

Minimal Business Disruptions

Can ITI Manufacturing work with your existing factory? Yes. We understand the current relationship your business has established with your current offshore factories is worth maintaining, if possible. If issues can be solved by our personnel on the ground, we will maintain the relationship. However, if our personnel determine the only way to eliminate the issues that have been plaguing your offshore manufacturing process is to change factories, we will communicate that to you as well.  

If a factory change is necessary, all details of your product, packaging, and delivery will remain the same, unless you want it modified. This includes your current freight forwarder. If your company has an existing freight forwarder and a local trucking company, we can work with them just as before.

Additional Overseas Manufacturing Services

ITI Manufacturing is not just a “go between” for your company and the factory.  We provide a full suite of manufacturing management services. We will handle production oversight and quality assurance, manage all paperwork associated with manufacturing and shipping, and seamlessly integrate our services with your freight forwarder and local delivery company. 

Restored Focus for Your Personnel

Working with ITI Manufacturing eliminates the burden of the boring, confusing, and seemingly time-wasting details of manufacturing offshore.  

If you would like your personnel to have more time to focus on more important and profitable tasks, let ITI Manufacturing’s offshore manufacturing experts take over.  

Simplify the Overseas Manufacturing Process

Overseas Manufacturing is complex if done correctly. Working with ITI Manufacturing simplifies the overseas manufacturing process for your company. You submit specifications, purchase orders, and payments to us. We take care of the rest. ITI manages all of the details.

Schedule a consultation with ITI Manufacturing today.  

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