Popular Imports from China

Competitive Prices, Assured Quality and Timely Delivery

The rise in popularity and demand for Chinese manufactured goods and products has increased the amount of imports from China. The majority of countries in the world import various products manufactured in China to some degree. The quality and affordable prices make the various Chinese-made goods attractive. People all over the world purchase anything from electronic items, knitted clothing, footwear, motors, machines, furniture, lights, medical equipments, plastic products, toys and many other items that are imported from China.

Another advantage in importing Chinese products is that they offer a wide variety of products. One of the main reasons for the Chinese made goods having lower price tags is that labor in China is comparatively much cheaper. The numerous export firms in China enable the foreign buyers to easily access the manufacturers of various types of products such as apparels, machines, ceramics, watches, computers, electronic equipments, fashion dresses and many more. The buyers can source from China any items that they require.

Importing electronic goods from China

For the buyers with technical knowledge, importing electronic products from China is a highly profitable as well as exciting business. Since there is strong competition in the Chinese market among numerous manufacturers, the buyers can obtain the products for considerably low prices. Those who buy from the niche markets in China can get the products for highly lucrative prices. From China, the buyer can get the product of his choice with the logo of his company printed on the same. Hence one can import the goods that are made in a Chinese factory and sell them as his own products. Apart from printing the logo, the Chinese manufacturers provide custom colors and custom packing also for the products – saving companies money from the labeling and packaging end. Chinese manufacturers have the facilities to manufacture various electronic products with strict compliance to American standards. The most popular electronic items that are imported from China include electrical components, accessories, computers, peripherals, accessories for video games, solar products, battery, phones, electronic games, mobile terminals, to name a few.

High quality clothing

China is known for superior quality knit wears like t-shirts and polo shirts, sports jersey, sweat pants, sweat shirts, hoodies, shorts and many other items. They also manufacture woven clothing like jackets, work uniforms, apron, beach shorts, jogging suits, etc. The foreign buyers can also source products like umbrella, hat, scarf, vinyl stickers, etc. in China. The Chinese knitwear manufacturers assure the best quality printing and embroidery works. They offer the buyers “Made to Order” service and the custom-made garments that are imported from China are of unique quality. Delivery strictly as per schedule, most competitive prices and commitment to quality are the most outstanding features of Chinese knitwear garments. The cheapest prices and the most attractive fashions make the Chinese knitwear garments the leading brands in the international market.

Furniture from China

Importing furniture from China at wholesale price is highly profitable. The furniture manufactures from China offer their products for substantially low prices. Shun De in China is known as the “Furniture City.” The buyers can meet manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of furniture in Shun De. This city is well connected to Guangshou as well as Hong Kong by railway lines, ferries and bus services. Shun De is the most ideal place to buy furniture in China. Here the furniture shops have different sections like modern furniture, traditional furniture, Deco-style furniture, classic furniture, neo-classic furniture, etc. These shops offer all types of home furniture like dining tables, chairs, sofas and bedroom furniture. Those who want to import furniture from China to the U.S. will have to pay only 0 to 5% of the duty rate.

One of the many reasons for the influx in Chinese manufacturing is the high demand for Chinese manufactured goods. From electronics, to clothing, to furniture, to many more items, there is a reason the Chinese manufacturing industry can help your organization. In addition to the high demand, relatively cheap costs of labor and many other benefits, outsourcing your manufacturing needs to China can benefit business in multiple ways. Don’t go it alone! Companies demand and deserve experienced, reliable and proven industry leaders when entering or maintaining their own Chinese manufacturing services.

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