Christmas City in China: Jingle Every Day

With the holiday season just around the corner, those ubiquitous Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere. Santa’s elves have indeed been hard at work all year ‘round making everything we need to turn our homes into winter wonderlands. The flow of Christmas decorations is amazing for a few reasons besides that they are absolutely everywhere. If your company is into Holiday product manufacturing, there’s also a good chance they come from one very specific place in China… Yiwu is the place manufacturers have pinned as Christmas City in China.

The Phenomenon of Yiwu, China: Christmas City

Since 2016, Yiwu has become the dominant hub and exporter of Christmas product manufacturing around the world. Economists estimate that some 60 percent of all Christmas goods are manufactured in the 600 factories within this city! From Santa hats to Christmas lights there’s literally nothing you cannot find in this sprawling Christmas commerce city.

However, that’s not the only reason that Yiwu, China is so incredibly fascinating. In addition to its emphasis on Christmas products, the United Nations recognizes it as having the largest small goods commodity marketplace in the world. That marketplace, known as the Yiwu International Trade Market, has 75,000 booths sprawled over two square miles. Yes, you read that figure correctly: 75 THOUSAND.

This trading market is so big it’s divided into districts with a centralized planning committee much like a “normal” city. (However, to find Christmas in the China Commodity City, visit district two.)

Christmas Product Manufacturing’s Largest Importer

The United States is the largest importer of Christmas products from Yiwu, purchasing some 30 percent of everything made there. Russia and much of Latin America consume a significant portion of the remainder of the exports. Interestingly, the past two years have seen an uptick in Christmas goods manufactured in Yiwu for Chinese citizens’ consumption as well. Surprisingly, China is now the fourth largest consumer of Christmas products made in Yiwu.

ITI Manufacturing Can Help You Find a Reputable China Supplier

Companies looking to stock their shelves with off-the-shelf Christmas goods often turn to suppliers in Yiwu. Yet, it’s critical to create a strategy before diving into China’s Christmas City. Work with an experienced OEM offshore contract manufacturer to help you find the right manufacturers from the 600+ workshops and factories within this city for your custom merchandise. This strategy will also help with planning.

We Help You Navigate Time Frames

For 2020, the peak season for product manufacturing occurs in June or July in order to have items shipped and on shelves when the Halloween decorations come down. The time to provide details, get quotes, and place POs is much earlier than that… around the January or February timeframe to be safe (after Chinese New Year, of course).

Yiwu is a mesmerizing spectacle full of glitter, festivities, and holiday cheer. The next time you’re out shopping for Christmas goods, take a moment to marvel. Your purchases probably came from Santa’s real-life Christmas workshop in China.

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