Star Wars Products Made in China

May the 4th, commonly known as Star Wars Day, is a day to celebrate everything Star Wars.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that many of the customized products Star Wars fans enjoy here in the USA are China-made.  From buying action figures to cosplay and clothing items, fans will always purchase Star Wars products and gear. Why? Fans enjoy celebrating one of the biggest movie series of all time!

Furthermore, what was once thought of as a very slow market in China now has a new mindset. Chinese consumerism of Star Wars products is now steadily on the rise as the craze hits the country’s millennials.  Not only are products being made in China, but people are also purchasing them there.

Popular Custom Star Wars Products

For a USA-based company selling Star Wars products, or any toy or themed accessory, it’s important to have plenty of products on hand. Companies need products not just on May the 4th, but throughout the year.  As most of the world knows, Star Wars is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Therefore, fans are eager to see what kinds of new merchandise stores will offer now and during the holiday season.

As USA-based companies continue to turn to outsource manufacturing, many more continue to have their products made in China.  To experience real China manufacturing success it’s vital that companies take advantage of the many benefits of utilizing and partnering with an experienced manufacturing liaison company like ITI Manufacturing.  We ensure companies in the USA that outsource their toys and themed accessories to China, win in the end by developing and maintaining positive working relationships with some of China’s top-quality manufacturers.

China Has the Ability to Reduce Costs

Due to China’s large skilled labor force and availability of raw materials and natural resources, the country’s top factory suppliers can always produce in bulk.  Likewise, they can produce to your specifications at a competitive cost. This is especially the case if those manufacturers already mass-produce similar toys, electronic devices, and other products.  When US companies partner with ITI, they have an assurance that our professional staff is working on the factory grounds. They also know that we work face-to-face with the manufacturer to ensure they make your products to exacting specifications. Furthermore, we confirm your correctly-made products well before shipping from the factory takes place.  This saves time and money, while also insuring product integrity.

Higher and Quicker Turn-Around Times

Whenever companies need to order a large amount of products in advance Chinese manufacturers are able to get it done and get it done fast.  With ITI’s help, the turnaround times are shortened taking into consideration all aspects of the manufacturing process.  We help companies learn the ins and outs of ordering product and are experts at the details of international logistics.

Experts in Manufacturing Electronic Products

Leading-edge technology can push Star Wars products and other electronic devices to must-have status and Chinese manufacturing can help.  Made in China electronics production continues to be on the rise.  It remains the top-producing industry sector in the country making computers, smartphones, and various electronic essentials available around the world.  And with skilled laborers and engineers, it’s no wonder that US and global electronic consumerism expects to reach over 514 billion users by 2022.

Accessible Production for Small Businesses and Large

Chinese manufacturing is not just for big business. Small businesses, as well as start-up companies, can also have their custom products manufactured in China.  At ITI we ensure that USA companies have access to the best suppliers available based on the type of product, quantity produced, and desired specifications. No need to go through the hassle of finding and researching manufacturers on your own.  ITI does the work for you from start to finish. This way, you have an assurance that your selected factory is a solid manufacturer who is well-capable of making your products.

For quotes and more information on how ITI Manufacturing can help your company connect with us today toll-free at 281-242-7030. If you’re a Star Wars fan, learn more about Star Wars Day now!

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