Taking The Hassle Out Of Outsourcing To China

China, as it stands today, is undoubtedly the world’s manufacturing super power. China’s ability to mass produce at very competitive rates has led to business owners from countries all over the world (including the United States of America) to turn to outsourcing manufacturing to China. Still, while China is a manufacturing powerhouse, simply outsourcing in this manner may not provide the solutions or results that businesses need. This is true even with the aid of very powerful and useful technological resources on hand. The option of merely outsourcing to China is rife with challenges, including (but not limited to) the following:

Technology Is Only An Aid

Most of the technologies used in business today (like the Internet) was designed (for the most large part) to make production (our ability to efficiently produce) easier, faster and more effective. These technologies have subsequently shrunk our world and have made markets that were once very far way and hard to access, easily accessible. As such, these tools are embraced. However, as powerful and efficient as these tools can be at connecting our worlds and businesses, they are simply no replacement for the human touch. Human interaction is still very viable and is certainly needed. This is especially true in business. The hands on approach and monitoring that human to human contact can provide is simply irreplaceable. Therefore, technological business communication tools best serve us and our businesses when they are additives to the human interaction, and not used as a means to circumvent or replace it.

Inability To Properly Monitor Supply Chains

It is nearly impossible to properly monitor the supply chain of your business if you outsource manufacturing to China. Again, yes technology helps, however without being on the ground to monitor what is actually happening even periodically, there is simply no way to know for sure what is happening. This can lead to an unwanted increase in substandard goods making its way through the supply chain and into the hands of some unfortunate customer. This sort of thing does not auger well for the future of your business.

A Better Option: The ITI Solution

A far better solution when outsourcing manufacturing to China is to have a qualified team on the ground, monitoring the process on your behalf. This sort of representation is crucial to the long-term success of your business and products. Of course, this is where ITI comes in. Here at ITI, we offer US-based businesses of all sorts (from micro to large companies) the option of having a qualified team working on their behalf in China. Your objectives are our focus, and we ensure that your business’ ideals and high standards are maintained as we execute your carefully laid plans. In a nutshell, we are your quality assurance team. So for example, if one of your company or business’ values is to make sure your products are manufactured in a green environment, then, we are on the ground to see that this value is upheld in practice. Simply put, your business is our business as we represent you in China. For more information on how we can assist you and your business, contact us today!

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