Testing Your China-Made Consumer Products

Product testing is for everyone’s benefit, and mandatory product testing is, well, mandatory. It’s one of the ways end users can be sure the products they and their loved-ones use. They want to be clear that their products conform to a standard of safety as well as functionality. Products in the same category that are manufactured domestically or offshore must be tested to the same standards.

Some of the larger, well-known testing companies performing product testing both domestically as well as internationally are Intertek, SGS, and Bureau Veritas. Companies should alwyas be absolutely sure of their product testing requirements. Therefore, they’ll want their chosen laboratory to perform tests based on standards required for that type of product. Consequently, companies that fail to comply could face fines, penalties, and an ever-expanding negative social media profile.

Who Tests Products & Why?

Most consumer products require some level of independent laboratory testing. Therefore, companies must keep up to date on the regulations and required testing for their products.

One such regulatory initiative is the CPSIA, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. They require imported manufacturers to provide verifiable test reports on products from an accredited 3rd party. Consequently, these documented reports must show that certain products are in compliance with safety standards and regulations.

See their website at-–Standards/Statutes/The-Consumer-Product-Safety-Improvement-Act

Who Orders the Testing?

Your company is responsible for ensuring that you hire a recognized laboratory to test your products. That lab, be it domestic or offshore, must test perform tests based on required standards. Authorities will require – at some point – for you to produce the testing results from the laboratory to your customer(s). These reports will show product compliance for a specific regulation, standard, or chemical test, along with required materials for manufacturing.

If you are thinking about going direct to a China manufacturer to have your products made, they will not automatically offer this service. If you’re not familiar with the testing your particular product requires, you could be in for a very rude and expensive surprise.

When you partner with an overseas manufacturing liaison like ITI, you have inspectors on the factory grounds. They help ensure that manufacturers make products to your specifications. We also ensure that labs will proficiently test your products for compliance and safety regulations in their correct category. Note that it’s your responsibility to inform us as to what testing is required for your product.  We then make sure the proper testing happens and you receive the resulting paperwork.

In What Ways Can ITI Help?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to product testing. Fortunately, ITI has 45 years of experience in managing the overseas manufacturing process. Regarding testing, we make sure that the right lab is available to properly test your product. Therefore, you want your products to be in compliance with regulations and safety standards. Overall, we can help your company obtain testing in the following ways…

  • Finding the Right Testing Service
    • Based on the kind of product you have, ITI can match your product with the right lab(s) required to supply compliance reporting.
    • Or, if you or your customer has a specific testing lab you want us to use, that is fine also.
    • We only recommend reputable and established compliance testing companies accredited in the USA and the EU.
    • These testing companies have labs located worldwide. A small number of our customers choose to have their products tested again after receiving them here in the USA and use the same company. As such, customers will oftentimes require this.
  • Ensuring Your Product Testing / Helping with Product Compliance
    • ITI Manufacturing submits production samples directly to the testing laboratories in China per their specific requirements and will then supply you with the lab’s official resulting paperwork.
    • We work with you, the testing laboratory, and the factory to correct any issues that may arise.
    • Before the factory begins manufacturing your product we confirm that the called out materials are being used.

ITI Manufacturing is an expert at managing all aspects of a China-based manufacturing project.  From choosing the right factory to ensuring the product is tested, inspected, packaged, and shipped properly.  If you have ANY questions about China manufacturing you should call us at (281) 242-7030.

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