The Port of Long Beach Approves an $829 Million Budget

The Port of Long Beach (POLB) is an important trading hub between the US and Asia, with almost $100 billion in cargo passing through annually. It is currently the second busiest port in the United States after the nearby Port of Los Angeles. Being situated along the Californian coastline and facing the Pacific, puts it in the perfect position to serve as the link between the US and China manufacturing efforts. Indeed, Chinese goods have been flowing with increasing volume to POLB since the 1980s, but more persistent issues are hampering growth. The recently passed $829 million budget by the Harbor Commissioners is set to fix these problems.

Among the projects included in the plan are bridge replacements, and a major terminal redevelopment. These capital investments are estimated to cost $555 million, which will be sourced from the operating revenues. Another task is the upgrade of power facilities to create a secure, efficient, and sustainable Energy Island. The goal is to optimize the supply chain and reduce its contribution to the air pollution in metropolitan Los Angeles.

The master plan also calls for a tighter connection between the national rail grid and the port to make the delivery of products easier. This will be achieved through the creation of the Pier B Rail Yard. It’s a big undertaking that will require feasibility studies, street realignments, track construction, near dock development, alternative analysis, and other vital processes. The track is estimated to run as long as 80,000 feet.

Anticipating greater congestion in the next few years, the management has pushed solutions aimed to boost efficiency. This will be a joint project between the POLB and the Port of Los Angeles. The problem has been at the forefront since the strikes that crippled both ports and sent shockwaves throughout the US. The hope is for the new developments to normalize trading activities and make POLB a more attractive business partner for increased jobs.

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