Think “Christmas in July” for Toy Manufacturing

China remains one of the world leaders in toy manufacturing. Therefore, it makes sense to think ahead when it comes to products being made on time for the holiday season.  During the busiest season of the year, it pays to get your manufacturing production PO’s in as early as possible. Of course, before those PO’s are let, there are many steps that need to happen months prior…

  • You should already have your toy design completed, tested, and thoroughly documented.
  • You’ll also need to have already received an acceptable quote from a reliable factory and an approved sample.
  • You will have received paperwork from an internationally-recognized testing lab. Furthermore, it should confirm your toy sample has passed the appropriate ASTM F-963 testing.

Timing is Everything in Manufacturing

Working backward from when your products need to be on shelves, in stock for online ordering, or at the China port for customer pick-up, there’s much to consider.

For example, your company will need to consider the following:

  • Production Timing
  • Assembly & Packaging
  • Shipping to Port
  • PLUS, Additional Time due to the Seasonal Rush
  • Actual Shipping Time
  • Customs Processing
  • And… Movement through your, or your customer’s, distribution system after the shipment lands.

Depending on your unique situation, there may be additional considerations. One example is a long lead-time component that you must order months ahead of scheduled production time. You may also consider the necessity of extra advanced ordering as to not delay final production.

For US companies relying on China manufacturing, these considerations have the potential to be overwhelming… and disastrous.  Many companies are fortunate enough to have the resources to successfully plan and deal with these issues. And most of the time, these types of issues seem to happen at the absolute worst times. However, companies without initial resources and assistance have learned to rely on experienced manufacturing liaison companies like ITI Manufacturing. We help ensure the success of our US-based companies who choose to outsource to China.

ITI Helps You Get Your Toys

ITI Manufacturing brings 40+ years’ experience in offshore manufacturing to ensure your China manufacturing success.  In the case that you “may not know what you don’t know” about outsourcing to China, ITI’s experience is invaluable.  As an OEM, custom manufacturer, ITI’s US and China staff has successfully managed products in a wide range of industries requiring an even wider range of materials and guidelines.

We manage the complete supply chain from raw materials through production, testing, inspection, packaging, and international logistics, to delivery. Our China staff is there every step of the way, making sure your product is manufactured to your specifications. ITI is responsible for the entire process; therefore, we’re also responsible for guaranteeing your shipments will be free of toy manufacturing defects.

Mastering Shipping & Logistics

Manufacturing a defect-free product is important but is only one step in the process. The international shipping and logistics involved in delivering those products to your US warehouse, to your customers at a port in Australia, the UK, or South Africa cannot be minimized. At ITI, China manufacturing means more than “just” manufacturing a product. There are many challenging variables and unpredictable issues surrounding the making of products, along with pre and post-production, that our China staff handles on a daily. An old adage says, “experience is the best teacher”.  At ITI Manufacturing, we have the experience, exceptional knowledge, and the professionalism to take the worry out of China manufacturing. Wondering how ITI can help your company like we have for so many others? Contact one of our experts toll-free at 281-242-7030.

Find Out Now if China Manufacturing is Right For You

For your convenience, we offer a brief online questionnaire that may help you determine if China manufacturing is right for you. Click the link or connect with ITI online today. Either way, there’s no cost or obligation to you. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with experts who can answer your questions and concerns.

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