Top 5 Best Selling Halloween Products Made In China

As Halloween approaches, houses are being decorated, parties are being planned, and costumes are being chosen. Although this American holiday includes pumpkins, scares, candy, and dress up, many products used in celebrations are made in other countries. A number of popular product makers are outsourcing manufacturing to China. Here is a look at five top selling Halloween products made in China.

Advantages of Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

Every American company tries to attain a competitive advantage. Halloween products are part of a crowded niche, so it is important for businesses to deliver the lowest prices possible. To achieve this goal, many companies are outsourcing manufacturing to China. China has the experience and education necessary to deliver goods that meet strict standards in this country. If a company comes up with a unique idea and does not have the ability to follow through with quality production at a fair price, it is better to outsource.

Halloween Inflatables

One of the most popular trends in Halloween decorating is inflatables. These are the large balloon-like figures displayed on lawns that provide “larger than life” ornamentation. Inflatables come in all types of designs. Ghosts, witches, and pumpkins are just a few options in the world of Halloween inflatables. Most people do not realize many come shipped from China.

Carving Kits

A long-standing Halloween tradition is pumpkin carving. Years ago, most people used basic kitchen knives to carve designs. Today, carving patterns have gotten quite intricate and require special tools. Carving kits are one of the top bestselling Halloween products made in China.

Flameless Candles

Halloween is a spooky holiday. To add a touch of eeriness, it is common for homes to be decorated with candles. Also, candles are often placed inside jack-o-lanterns to show off the unique carving. However, real candles are dangerous. To prevent fires, many people have turned to flameless candle alternatives. These items appear as authentic candles but run on batteries and small light bulbs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used inside or as part of exterior displays. A great number of flameless tea lights are manufactured in China and sell extremely well in the United States for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

Both adults and children enjoy choosing yearly Halloween costumes. Children enjoy transforming into a favorite cartoon character, and adults have fun escaping back to childhood and playing dress up. Stores are filled with endless costume possibilities. However, large amounts have been crafted in China and are top sellers.

Makeup/Face Paint

To complete a costume, many people use face paint. Some kits available from China include stencils for flawless application, and others contain instructions to create unique effects. These water-based paints wash easily from the skin and can be used all over the body.

The above products top the list of Halloween items made in China. Although they are not manufactured in the United States, the quality is excellent and meets all government standards. They help put some scare into the holiday and make things fun. Many of these are products you’re familiar with. For your own business, why not try outsourcing manufacturing to China? Contact ITI today!

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