What Industries Are Manufacturing Offshore?

You have probably come across the idea of offshore manufacturing many times.  It’s a proven way to reduce costs and streamline processes, free up resources, and even open new markets.  However, offshore manufacturing can be an intimidating premise for many businesses.  There are many horror stories out there as well as many success stories.  The horror stories are likely the result of businesses trying to go it alone and fly solo.  It’s no secret the learning curve is steep and mistakes are expensive.

offshore manufacturing

Who is Going Offshore?

If manufacturing in China or Vietnam is on your radar you may be wondering who has made the move?  The answer is simple: your competition.

Offshore Manufacturing Shouldn’t Be Scary

If you are unsure about how to begin or do not know how to manage production remotely here are a few facts about ITI Manufacturing that may help you feel more confident.  ITI Manufacturing has over 45 years of experience with offshore manufacturing.  We contract only with quality, reliable, proven factories that have been vetted specifically for OEM contract manufacturing.

We also provide offshore management services for those companies currently manufacturing offshore and are having issues.  Our offshore management services are also an excellent alternative to traveling to China yourself or sending your valuable employees.  We have offices and manage projects throughout China and can correct whatever issues a company might be having with production, inspections, testing, packaging, and freight forwarding.  We can manage your existing offshore supply chain.

Both of these solutions ensure your products are manufactured by the right factory, using the right materials, and will arrive at their destination in a timely fashion. All of this is done while ensuring the integrity of your product is never compromised and your intellectual and creative property is protected.

Is Now the Time to Move Your Manufacturing Offshore?

This can be a difficult question to answer but it is also where ITI Manufacturing’s expertise plays a big part.  Since 1974 we have been helping businesses make this determination with confidence.  Let ITI Manufacturing choose the right factory and manage the transition for you, keeping your unique business situation in mind. 

Learn your options before you commit.

Call us today:  (281) 242-7030 or schedule a free consultation.

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