2 Examples of Cool Up-and-Coming Manufacturing Technology


Manufacturing technology is constantly evolving. Whether it’s here in America or in China, there is always a desire to create systems and processes that will allow man to manufacture new and exciting things, or to simply increase the efficiency of goods we already produce.

Here are 2 really cool up-and-coming manufacturing technologies.

1. Mind-Controlled Robot Manufacturing – This is not the stuff of science fiction anymore. It’s really happening! Researchers at the University of Buffalo are working on the technology that allows people to control robots with their minds. The thought is that this kind of technology could allow factory workers to perform extremely advanced manufacturing.

2. Metal Oxide Display Manufacturing – Applied Materials, a developer and manufacturer of display technology, has invented a new technique called Metal Oxide Display Manufacturing. The expected demand for 4K resolution TV’s by consumers in the coming months and years required a new manufacturing technique because up until now 4K TV’s were very difficult and costly to make.

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