3 Reasons to Outsource Your Supply Chain

There’s no way around it. Managing your supply chain is complex. But when done right, an optimized supply chain has clear benefits like reduced costs, increased margins, improved product quality, and a better customer experience with ease and efficiency. Also, they continue to successfully manufacture a wide variety of customized goods.

The challenge is that most businesses don’t have the staff or time to become supply chain experts. Fortunately, it’s now a common practice to outsource all or part of your supply chain to a liaison-like ITI Manufacturing.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not outsourcing is the right choice for your business, consider these three main reasons why you should.

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Supply Chain

There are a lot of steps to control in the manufacturing process, from production to distribution. Instead of investing in and managing the different steps yourself, you can work with a partner to handle it for you. While there are several benefits to doing so, here’s how it can help your company grow faster: 

#1 Spend More Time on Other Parts of Your Business

Consider the time you spend trying to communicate with workers in your warehouse or factory. Or, fixing issues and errors that inevitably happen during the manufacturing process.

What if the time you spent dealing with overwhelming supply chain issues could now be allocated toward other areas of your business, like expansion or increasing productivity? 

When working with an experienced outsourcing manufacturing liaison like ITI Manufacturing, you’ll have peace of mind that expert staff and inspectors on factory grounds are managing the entire process for you. Overall, outsourcing with a top outsourced factory will save you time and allow you to strengthen and grow your company in other areas.

#2 Save on Costs

Nearly 60% of companies choose to outsource because it cuts costs. Supply chains can be costly to maintain as you must work out all the kinks to guarantee efficiency. But if you employ an experienced manufacturing liaison’s aid, you’ll end up with a significant amount of savings. 

Learn how ITI Manufacturing has mastered the outsourcing manufacturing process for hundreds of US-based companies since 1974.

#3 Efficient Mass Production 

As with any job, trained professionals are more likely to run factory operations more consistently and effectively. That’s why businesses that sell mass products in the U.S. outsource their supply chain to improve product quality and save on costs.

Instead of competing with supply chain experts, you’re far better off simply running your company than overseeing product logistics. But where should you outsource? That is a question best left up to your manufacturing liaison.

At ITI Manufacturing, we understand that logistics are a time-consuming but necessary part of the process when you mass-produce goods and sell them in the U.S. To help companies stay ahead, we both match your product to a top outsourced factory and ensure that production is done right.

Bottom line, we stand firmly on our “no manufacturing defects” guarantee. Our ultimate goal is to ensure supply chain operations run smoothly and effectively every time.

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