5 Summertime Toys Manufactured In China

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. Once again, the long-awaited season of summer is upon us. The kids are heading outdoors to make the most of the beautiful weather, to enjoy the outdoors, and to play with their friends. What most of us don’t think about is that much of kids’ summertime outdoor fun is brought to us by China manufacturing. Several of the outdoor toys our kids affiliate with summer are the products of Chinese outsourced manufacturing.

Squirt Guns

It wouldn’t be summer without a squirt gun. For hours of fun with friends, squirt guns are fun for both boys and girls. They are inexpensive and easy to find at a dollar store near you. Outsourced manufacturing in China makes this inexpensive summertime toy available to you; and also spurs our economy by allowing you to buy squirt guns for your kids and even the whole neighborhood.

Water Balloons

If squirt guns don’t quite do the trick of getting your children wet enough, they may want to graduate to water balloons. These colorful small balloons can provide hours of fun, brought to you by skilled laborers in China.

Jump Ropes

An excellent way for kids to get in their exercise, jump ropes of all colors, patterns, and sizes are manufactured in China. Jump ropes are great for summertime; whether your child is playing alone, or has several playmates around to join in on the fun, jumping rope is definitely a neighborhood all-time favorite.

Swing Sets

Swing sets can be found in the backyards of many Americans. They are a favorite summertime activity for young school-aged children; and for some, can provide year-round fun. Many complete swing sets, along with some of their parts and pieces, are products of Chinese manufacturing.

Swimming Pools

Whether it’s an inflatable pool, or a hard plastic kiddie pool, many of them are manufactured overseas in China before coming stateside to help our children stay cool and celebrate summer.

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