Ports Around The World With The Fastest Turnaround Times

In spite of great advancements in air and road transport, most of the world’s cargo is still transported by sea. However, turnaround times vary from port to port depending on factors like container handling infrastructure. Here is some more information on this topic:

An Overview of Port Turnaround Times

A discussion paper published in 2014 by the International Transport Forum (ITF) titled “Time Efficiency at World Container Ports” stated that ports in North America, Japan, China and Western Europe tend to be very efficient, having extremely fast turnaround times. Ports in Malaysia, the Middle East, New Zealand, Brazil, Busan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Colombo have lower efficiency rates, which means longer cargo dwell time.

In Africa, almost all ports, with the exception of ports in Morocco, are highly inefficient, and have long cargo dwell time compared to ports in other parts of the world. This is according to the ITF. Ports in Latin America, except those in Mexico and Brazil, also fare badly in terms of turnaround time. Since 2011, most Chinese ports have reached global turnaround time standards.

A Detailed Look at Turnaround Time

Research carried out by the JOC Group, Inc., and published in July 2014 found that the Chinese port of Tianjin has the fastest turnaround time of all ports globally. In second and third places are the ports of Qingdao and Ningbo, located in China as well. The ports of Jebel Ali and Khor Al Fakkan in the UAE, occupy fourth and fifth positions. The Japanese port at Yokohama proudly holds the sixth position.

Yantian and Xiamen ports in China, hold seventh and eighth positions. South Korea’s Busan port made it to the ninth position; while the Chinese port at Nansha rounds up the top 10 ports with the fastest turnaround time. In total, 10 Chinese ports made it to the top 20 ports in the list published by JOC Group.


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