The Automation Of Chinese Manufacturing

Automation is the wave of the future in manufacturing. Anyone who has been involved with domestic manufacturing already knows that to be true. China manufacturing is quickly jumping on the automation train, and the impact for both workers and manufacturing partners is sure to be interesting. While there may be some minor issues in the beginning, the future of automation in factories is something that will profit all parties involved.

In the short term, things are going to be rocky for Chinese manufacturing workers. There will have to be a massive amount of job reeducation taking place among those who will be replaced by automated machinery; but this is actually a great thing for the long-term. Better education means more skilled workers in factories, and that means better working conditions and a higher quality of goods. Automation will be tough at first, but will eventually benefit the workers as time goes on.

For those who partner with Chinese manufacturers, further automation will mean lower prices. Once you cut much of the workforce out of the picture, labor prices will decrease, and so too will the prices of goods. This won’t be a major drop; yet, there will be costs associated with both hiring more educated workers to work with the machinery, and the capital investments involved with getting the automated systems up and running. The lower costs will translate quite well; allowing for higher profit levels among partners.

Automation will be a wonderful thing for both Chinese manufacturing plants and for their overseas partners. While the transition may be briefly rocky, the long-term effects will be positive for all involved. If you are not already partnered with a company that is moving towards automation, the time to do so is now – you don’t want to be left behind as this new revolution gains steam.

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