How New Products Benefit From China Manufacturing

Shark Tank is a television show on ABC, where budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas or businesses to some of the world’s biggest business icons. If the Sharks decide to invest in their idea, it is basically guaranteed to become a huge success due to the money, brains, contacts, and business savvy of the Sharks. The Sharks – Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Phil Crowley, Daymond John, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary – are some of the world’s shrewdest business minds.

Benefits of Manufacturing in China

Many of the Sharks are big believers in outsourcing their products to China manufacturing firms. Making money is what they are all about, and to them nothing else matters. One of their secrets is getting their products built in China.

Many first time business owners are surprised at just how reliable and efficient China manufacturing can be. When they place an order, and ask for exact specifics, and certain materials, they get exactly what they ordered. The materials used in China are just as good as anywhere else, despite the reputation it has for making inferior products. Manufacturers in China are highly driven and determined to eradicate this negative image, which they have been branded with unjustly.

Production samples can be obtained before the business owner places his entire business in their hands, so the owners can see for themselves the high quality of the product. They will be able to test the functionality, examine the design aspects both negative and positive, see the contents of the product, making sure the chemicals used are safe and correct.

In spite of North American companies questioning Chinese materials and standards in an effort to retain business here, quality is exceedingly becoming the name of the game to Chinese factories. The next major advantage is probably the most important one.

Making money is the name of the game, just ask the Sharks. A penny saved is a penny earned, and by outsourcing your production needs to China manufacturing facilities, business owners can save a lot of sheckles. In some cases, labor costs can be up to ten times more to produce the exact same product in North America. The differences in wages paid and money saved by the business owner is truly astronomical. Not many successful businesses can afford to pay ten times the amount for something that will be an exact duplicate. They would be out of business in no time, or would make very little, if any, profit.

Shark Tank Products Made in China

Shark Tank has produced countless products that are now assembled in China. One example is the Fiber Fix, a special kind of tape that can fix just about anything. Plastic products like the Chord Buddy which imitates a guitar, or Ava The Elephant, a plastic medicine dispenser for kids, are just a few more examples of the many products the Sharks have decided to have built in China.

The Sharks didn’t get rich by luck; they did it by making shrewd business decisions. If China is good enough for the Sharks, it should be a no brainer for a business owner just starting out.

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