Why You Need ITI for Outsourcing Manufacturing To China

Outsourcing manufacturing to China is an option that many large United States (US) based companies and even micro, small and medium businesses are utilizing. This is due in large part to many Chinese manufacturing plants being able to consistently provide high quality mass-produced goods of all sorts for a fraction of the cost required to do it locally. Outsourcing manufacturing to China is not only great for manufacturers of Informational Technology products, but producers of goods made from plastic can also benefit from this sort of arrangement.

There is no doubt that China has both the infrastructure and skilled labor force to meet a wide range of manufacturing needs. The Chinese workforce is both competent and professional, and will therefore provide you with good value for your money. Still, there are a few things that manufacturers would have to face should they choose to outsource manufacturing without ITI’s assistance. These include, but are not limited to language and cultural barriers, time zone differences, and applying a different approach to project management.

Language and Cultural Barriers

While English is recognized and used as the first official language of International trade, and many Chinese outfits are equipped with workers and mediators proficient in the English Language, the language and cultural divide can still pose a problem from time to time if manufacturers are not vigilant. All business arrangements have their challenges, and so this is by no means a negative thing. It will however mean becoming more aware of prevalent cultural nuances, and paying close attention to cultural work being done on the ground. Thanks to ITI’s abundant knowledge of Chinese culture, you will be able to have measures in place that will ensure that productivity is in no way negatively affected.

Differing Time Zones

It is important to remember that China and the US are located in completely different time zones. As such, outsourcing manufacturing to China may result in you having to be up at non-traditional business times as far as the US is concerned to dialogue with your Chinese counterparts, and make necessary arrangements. Although this is something to be aware of, it is not necessarily impossible for you to handle. It may simply mean organizing your schedule a little differently, and setting time aside – such as two specific days a week – to work alongside your Chinese producers in their own time zone. Or, you can let ITI manage the time difference, and you can stick to the schedule you’re used to.

A Different Approach to Project Management

As is the case with any business endeavor, outsourcing work to China will mean managing your project well. Let ITI stay on top of all the necessary details for you. We will be the trusted team on the ground in China that has the best interest of your project and business at heart. This is the team that will help you achieve your company or business’s objective(s) by efficiently executing your plans and instructions. As such, this aspect of the production/manufacturing process cannot, in any way, be overlooked. Staying on top of happenings on the ground will help your production process go more smoothly, as well as help make your business or project more profitable in the long run. Contact us today for the best support in outsourcing manufacturing to China.

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